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We offer our customers a wide range of products and good advice for Log processing equipment, in 230v to 3 phase or petrol motor, PTO, these include Log Saws, Log Splitters, PTO Forestry & Hedging, Heavy duty Wood Chipper /Shredder, PTO Branch cutters, Lifting equipment, Excavators and Dumpers.

Open 8am to 5 pm Monday to Friday & Sat 8am to 11am

As well as  Bio-mass heating systems, Wood boilers, Gasification boiler systems, and Pellet fed boiler systems,  Thermal storage tanks, kombi boiler tanks, Fan Coil heaters,  our range of products are soursed from leading European manufactures, brought to you direct avoiding middle men.  Boiler packages available this includes the thermal store, Bvts valve with cooling circut, expansion vessels, laddomat, flue stat and complete twin wall flue systems. We also have a wide range of spare parts in stock.
Our product range has been proven and tested, manufactured to the highest specifications and certification.  We also stock flue pipes . See our wide range of Boiler equipment :  


Fuel- Coal Chips, Pellets or Wood pellets, oats and wood chips are seen to be easier to use, than logs thus pellet boilers can run automatically in much ths same way that gas or oil boilers operate.  Log-burning stoves and boilers have to be filled with wood by hand , most pellet burners use automatic fuel feeders which would have to be refilled every couple of days or once a week in some cases. Logs require considerably more work, as you would need to manage your logs and burn only seasoned logs to avoid the chance of a chimney fires, and have a regular supply, logs do work out a lot cheaper than pellets, if you have a thermal store"buffer tank" you will reduce the need to fire the boiler as often as if you did not have a thermal store, this will also result in a big saving of time and fuel costs over the winter months as well as the schedule will be around you not the boiler. 


Jansen RD200 Dumper, Dump truck with tracks, Mini Dumper,  A fine machine at a great price, very satisfied ! Stephen Pearson.
Jansen HS20D ;20TON Log Splitter with Kohler motor .  Excellent value for money , have used all weekend with ease and would recommend this log splitter to anybody.  Graham Harris , Dorset
Crossfer 700mm , Log Saw 13hp.  Very happy with our Log Saw that was deliverd quickly and efficently , John Gordon , Nottingham 

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