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Crossfer 6 To log splitter horizontal Log Splitter, 230V 52 cm LS6T-52Ty


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A new top product from Crossfer GmbH


Hydraulic firewood splitter LS6T-52Ty.  Comes with UK Plug conversion. 

The new, compact CROSSFER short log splitter with a powerful 6 tons splitting force for fissile lengths up to 52cm.

Fast, effective and safe ...

                                               ... that's how the job has to be done.


Of course, we also took this into account with our smallest firewood splitter in the category of horizontal log splitters. Despite the small design, this splitter delivers a splitting pressure of 6 tons thanks to the powerful 2200W motor and the large hydraulic cylinder. You can use it to split softwood and hardwood with a maximum length of 52 cm into logs for your stove. Due to the storage tray mounted behind the splitting wedge, the logs do not fall onto the floor and can be easily removed after the splitting process. The new safety concept guarantees maximum occupational safety and protects you from wood chips thrown away by the shielded gap area if, for example, the split material no longer has the optimal residual moisture to split.


  • 6 tons gap pressure.
  • 2200 watt electric motor 230V for normal domestic power connection
  • Fast forward and rewind. Large working stroke of the splitting piston
  • Two hand safety control
  • Automatic rewind
  • Compact and portable
  • Effortlessly ready for operation
  • New safety guard.

 Delivery will Include:

- Log splitter LS6T-52Ty

- Filled with hydraulic oil

- Operating instructions in German

We can offer you very useful accessories for this device!

Suitable for this device is:

Hydraulic oil CROSSFER HLP46

A quality product from the company

+ + + Our advantages for you! + + +

+ Delivery directly from the CROSSFER GmbH warehouse

+ Telephone support via a normal landline number

+ Personal collection without shipping or additional costs (info )

+ Fast delivery and free shipping

+ Avis by telephone for delivery to a forwarding agent

+ We have our own specialist workshop



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