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Crossfer 12 ton log splitter vertical, petrol engine 52 cm HLS12T-52-G6.5P / NT19


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A new top product from Crossfer GmbH

Mobile and independent of power sources thanks to 4-stroke OHV 196cc petrol engine, CROSSFER firewood splitter HLS12T-G6.5P / NT19

Mobile, fast and secure ...

                                               ... that's how the woodwork has to be done.

Of course, we also took this into account in the new horizontal model from our gasoline engine-operated firewood splitter series. The HLS12T -G6.5 / NT19 is equipped with a rapid traverse and a powerful 6.5PS 4-stroke petrol engine. Thanks to the petrol engine, the log splitter can be operated almost anywhere, regardless of power sources. The stable all-steel construction stands for quality and durability! The wide undercarriage with pneumatic tires enables transport even on rough terrain. The return of the cylinder can be stopped at any point using the 2 control levers. So you can flexibly adapt the return to your wood lengths. Thanks to the high speed, the advance speed of the stamp can be increased significantly. This is very advantageous, in particular, if the split material has different lengths, since a constant change of the return stop is too expensive. Even if you use the full gap length of approx. 52 cm, the rapid traverse can be used after the wood is partly split. The gap pressure is significantly lower in high-speed running. By simply switching the two control levers, you can choose between overdrive and split gear.

A clear advantage compared to conventional splitters with simple hydraulics!

Due to this device, you can following accessories also buy from us:
wedge widening called SKVB-LS8T / 25
hydraulic oil as a reserve
engine oil SAE 5W / 30
log turner

For operation you also need:
0.6L engine oil SAE 5W / 30
super unleaded petrol

A quality product from the company

Crossfer GmbH

+ + + Our advantages for you! + + +

+ Delivery directly from the CROSSFER GmbH warehouse

+ Telephone support via a normal landline number

+ Personal collection without shipping or additional costs (info Crossfer GmbH)


+ We have our own specialist workshop

+ We maintain a large spare parts warehouse


Log splitter HLS12T-52-G6.5P CROSSFER GmbH 
maximum strength Max. 12 tons
master recording Max. 520 mm length x 70-300mm Ø / min. Wood length about 10cm
Working stroke of the piston Max. 48 cm
Time for max. Stroke forward 12 sec
Time for max. Stroke return 12 sec
hydraulic oil approx. 3 liters
Hydraulic oil pressure 21 Mpa
Dimensions ready for use LxWxH 1700 x 680 x 780mm
Weight dry 90 kg
Shipping Dimensions 1070 mm L 585mm H x 435mm 92 kg
gasoline engine 168F single-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled
power 4.8 kW / 6.5 HP / 3,600rpm
capacity 196 cc
torque 11.0Nm at 3000rpm
stroke 54 mm
amount of oil approx. 0.55 liters
Recommended lubricating oil Synthetic oil 5W-30
technology 1 cylinder 4 stroke
Fuel / fuel level Regular gasoline / 4 liters
Subject to technical changes at any time


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