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Hoist / Winch electric 990kg 230v


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 This Crossfer electric power winch is equipped with a very powerful and maintenance-free motor. Please note the arm you see in the picture does not come with the winch , you can however buy this arm (girder system) as a extra from the website under girder system.


The hand control is provided with an approximately 3 -meter control cable

The ideal tool for lifting heavy loads up to 990kg

For details , please refer to technical data.

We offer this device in other levels of performance , Please see our other winches



The ideal tool for lifting heavy loads for:   steel cable is 12m long , 6m at 800kg, 12m at 400kg

► the workshop

► garage

► the Warehouse

► in agriculture and forestry

► in crafts

► in the industry

► in gardening and landscaping

► and many other areas


Other highlights:

Hand operation ►

► Mechanical transmission brake holds the load even when you turn

► Automatic emergency stop in rope

► Easy and fast assembly

► direct wall -mountable

► or mounted on a special holder

► Please see the pictures


All you need is a place to fix this too!



Tecnical data

PA 990


Controler comes with 3m cable 


Mit Umlenkrolle


495 kg

990 kg

self roatating steel wire CK 45

6 mm

6 mm

max lifting strength of wire



max lifting height(cable length)



lifting speed average



lowering speed average



reduction gear


the gears

CK 40




Electric motor


-current consumtion

-protection group



1.300 Watt

230V / 5,7 Ampere

IP 54


S3 20% -10 min

weight of hoist

38 kg




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