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Central heating pump WITA UE DELTA PLUS 75 - 32 180 [U 75]


Colour: silver
Condition: New
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Please note this comes whithout  filter and connectors .


Compared to a conventional pump, using an energy-saving WITA Delta electronic circulation pump helps to reduce energy consumption up to 80%.

WITA Delta electronic central heating pumps are recommended for systems with thermostatic valves , which open and close automatically due to room tamperature changes. When valves close, installation conditions change, and consequently pumps using a fixed characteristic can be more noisy. Electronic rotation speed control solutions allow to adjust automatically pump operation parameters to the changing conditions. Consequently, less energy is used, the pump is more durable and less noisy. You can control pump performance with a special system, which registers even the slightest temperature changes and anables the pump to operate in energy efficiency mode at any time. Specially-constructed engine and rotor with permanent magnet are the core of each high-efficient pump.

The "One touch" option allows you to choose from six different performance curves. Aside from three proportional pressure curves there are three constant speed control. characteristic. The button highlight color indicates the selected characteristic. Green color indicates the lowest characteristic, wheres red color the highest one.

Product specification

Pressure head H max 7.5 m
Max. flow 4.300 l/h
Absorbed power 4 - 75 W
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Media temperature 5 - 110 °C
Max working pressure 10 bar
Length 180 mm
Weight 2.9 kg


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