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One-way thermal release valve ( Regulus) BVTS (capillary: 1.3 meter) [003N3300]


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Regulus The Thermostatic Valve BVTS is designed for protection of boilers and stoves fi re. It prevents overheating by discharging water from heat generator, condensing coil or heat exchanger. TheBVTS valve is also used to Prevent backburning in the fuel store of biomass boilers to fl ooding the fuel in case of Excessive temperature. The BVTS is self-acting, ie it Operates without supply of auxiliary energy or electricity as a dry compressed air.

The Thermostatic Valve type BVTS is actuated by temperature Increase. 
The valve consists of two integrated elements: 
- spring loaded valve 
- Thermostatic element hermetically sealed with bellows, sensor and charge inside The valve is adjusted to open at sensor temperature of 95 º C. This setting is fi e D and can not be changed by user. When the temperature around the sensor Increases the charge inside the sensor heats up building up the pressure. This pressure is Transferred to the valve via the capillary tube and bellows. At the sensor temperature of 95 ° C, the pressure in bellows Becomes greater than the spring load so the pin lifts up and the valve opens.

• Needs no power supply - self acting 
• Opens on rising sensor temperature 
• Can be mounted on cold water inlet or hot water outlet of the boiler 
• Can be mounted in any position 
• Brass and other wetted materials Suitable for drinking water 
• Integrated sensor and valve body to Eliminate risk of setting change 
• Double sensor is the ensure fail-safe operation 
• Capillary tube protected against kinking by steel sheath 
• Space saving compact design

Technical data:
• Media: Water 
• Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar 
• Ambient temperature: 0 to 125 ˚ C 
• Media temperature: 5 to 110 ˚ C 
• Opening temperature: 95 ˚ C (fixed) 
• Hysteresis: 6 ° C 
• Flow capacity: 2.4 m3 / h at min. 1 bar flow pressure 
• Connection size: G ¾ pipe thread ISO 228 
• Length of capillary tube: 1.3 m



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