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Woodmanstore is a leader in energy-saving solutions for heating your home during winter months as well as being able to supply machinery for processing your own fuel to feed the wood-burning stoves being the UK agent for Black Tools & Crossfer Gmb manufactures of German-made Log Splitters, Log Saws, Hoists, Plate Compactors, Power Sweepers, Excavators, wood chippers, Pto Mowers. and a host of useful forestry equipment.


Our new range of pellet driven biomass burners for hot water and central heating systems, can be adapted to Solar Systems, in order to make your home more energy-efficient and reducing your outgoing energy bills.

We have a complete range of Flue Pipes for multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves, as well as a range of electric hoists and lifting gear for everyday use. Our main areas of supply are the UNITED KINGDOM, and the Chanel Islands.


What you need to know about gasifying wood boilers.

Many households are looking for alternatives that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than burning oil and gas fossil fuels to heat their homes. Using today’s wood boiler technology we can now heat our homes with locally sourced sustainable wood and pellets. We now have the gasification burn process available which produces little or no creosote, virtually eliminating the risk of a chimney fire, and produces very low greenhouse gas emissions.

Gasifying wood boilers are "carbon neutral" if the wood supply is harvested from sustainable local woods. Carbon neutral means that the small amount of C02 emitted by the wood boiler is absorbed by the remaining live trees in the woods you have sourced your wood from. This results in a net-zero atmospheric emissions.

Most importantly, you should only burn properly cured firewood. (3 years old, from harvest), A gasifying boiler will emit less than 1 gram of smoke per hour; this is equal to the amount of smoke produced by 1 cigarette. This is possible because the wood gasification process results in combustion temp of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit or 982 Celsius, This high temperature will incinerate every particle of wood leaving no visible smoke, little ash compared to a conventional boiler, and very little particulate emissions.

One cord of seasoned hardwood (3.7cubic meters) when burned in an efficient gasifying wood boiler, produces roughly the same amount of energy as 150 gallons (568 litres) of burning oil. Taking into account today's oil costs at 60 pence a litre total, this would cost £340 (568 x 60p = £340) delivered price.

Of course, the cost depends on where you are sourcing your wood. Even if you have to buy from someone locally say from £25 a cubic meter to £50 a cubic meter, then 3.7cubic meters at £50 would cost you £185 instead of £340 for oil. This is already a saving of £155.   During the course of a season, you may well have paid for your boiler.

If you have your own woodland the saving is likely to be more.

Managing your wood supply is common sense, you would buy or harvest wood this year, and store it to season it for use in three years time, it is as simple as that.

If you buy seasoned wood from a log supplier, you are going to pay a premium on it but can use it immediately.
We also have Pellet boilers available from 12kW for the smaller home, up to 150kW available for commercial and agricultural needs.

Thermal Storage Tanks

Thermal storage tanks should be installed with any wood-burning boiler; this will allow the energy from the wood boiler to be stored in the form of hot water. These super-insulated tanks are designed to absorb heat from a firing of the wood boiler, then gradually release that heat over a period of time.

Thermal storage allows you to fire up your wood boiler when it meets your schedule rather than the house’s heating requirements.

 If you have a thermal storage tank you will find you will use a lot less fuel as you will not need to fire the boiler as much. (In Germany regulations will not permit you to install a boiler without a thermal hot water storage tank). We would recommend a thermal storage tank for the little extra money it costs to install! 

At Woodmanstore we have a wide range of tanks from 300 liters up to 2500 liters. We also have a range of combi tanks. These are tanks within a tank, so your domestic hot water is available on-demand heated by your wood boiler.

Our Thermal storage tanks come either without a coil, with a single-coil or with a twin coil. This allows you to connect the system to other power sources, e.g. solar or oil heating or perhaps both. This is ideal for the weeks you are away over the cold season, or if you do not feel like lighting the boiler fire.

Choosing Thermal Tank Size

The right size tank to suit your boiler feed, should be a minimum of 30 litres to 40 litres for every 1kW, your boiler produces.

For example: If your boiler is 30kW the total water feed should be between 30 x 30 and 30 x 40  litres, i.e. The range should be between 900 litres and 1200 litres.

 If the boiler holding tank is 75 litres, and your radiator system on a 4 bed detached home has another 70 litres, then using a 1000 litre storage tank will give a total feed of 1145 litres.

 This would be right for the boiler in our example.

You might be restricted by size or space. You could use 2 smaller tanks say 2 x500 liters for the same total water feed.

You could go down to an 800 liter tank for a total of 9145 liters, still within the range.

It is important to keep within the range of the guide. It would be pointless getting a 2500 liter tank for a 30 kW boiler because the heat loss from an over-sized tank would reduce the cost-effectiveness.


I would say to anyone buying a wood boiler, whether gasifying or standard, you should consider having a thermal storage tank. It will save you thousands of pounds, and much hard work lugging wood to the boiler,  I speak from experience. 
Please feel free to email me for any advice required on boilers and thermal storage tanks I will be happy to answer your questions.

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