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Crossfer 500mm 230 v N19 2.8kW log saw


Colour: red/black
Condition: New
Price: £ 475.00
Shipping Cost: £ 120.00
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 Item Description  

The new Log Saw 230v N19 Log saw "LS 500" by Crossfer is the ideal accessory for cutting wood. Easy to use this cuts fire wood to lengths that you require to feed your stove or fireplace. The saw is safe and easy to work and no special skills are required. By tilting the log platform you need very little effort. The only work is to get the logs loaded onto the cutting platform , everything else is done almost by the Crossefer Log saw, this product you get a powerful, space-saving, and especially time-saving machine for your work shop. The Log Saw is easy to transport and accommodate, just slightly retract and pull on the integrated wheels to the desired location. So easy to move from one location to another. The saw comes with all instructions to assembble and any spare parts required in future can be bought from our web store, as well as new blades that you might from time to time need to change. Please note this is the most powerful 230v motor available for this size saw, you will need to connect this to a 16 amp fuse" breaker", ( work shop connection) this will not work on a standard 13amp plug.  We also have this model available with a 400v motor.

Technical data:

Carbide saw blade HM Widia 500mm 30mm Bore 40 Teeth

Electric motor 230V 50Hz / 2.8 kW 
cutting width of logs (depth) 170 mm dia
Saw blade diameter 500 mm Ø
Speed (RPM) 2800 rpm
Blade holder 30 mm Ø
Minimum dimensions 700 mm W x 1020 mm H x 780 mm D
Maximum dimensions 700 mm W x 1020 mm H x 1000 mm D
Working height of the rocker about 60 cm

Table extension about 0 350 mm stepless
Crosscut fence about 0 -650 mm continuously
Weight 59.00 kg

Shipping Dimensions 900mm W x 600mm D x 450mm H 62kg


This model is avaialble in 3 phase please ask us about the 3 phase , 500mm log saw available.



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