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PER-EKO KSD 22/28 kW wood and coal fan boiler

PER-EKO KSD 22/28 kW wood and coal fan boiler


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 Wood/ Coal fan assisted boiler with management system  , Steel wood fired boiler in a nominal output of 22 to 28kW to satisfy the heating demands of a medium sized home or space up to 250m2. This boiler is engineered for burning solid fuel such as wood and coal as well as briquettes .


– the latest structure of "wood/coal" combustive boiler intended for combustion of seasoned deciduous wood of the chunk length of up to 400 mm as well as fossil fuels (for example: fine coal, hard coal, mixtures and briquettes). 
The most effective structural solution with a symmetric circulation of combustion gases enables the boiler to function within the power range of 22-28 kW.

Thanks to the latest solution of the bottom combustion, the device achieves high efficiency and the period of unaltered combustion characteristics. Trapezoid shape of the furnace ensures self-creep fuel deposit function. boilers of KSD series may be equipped with the modern controller with PID function which is a temperature regulator intended for control of the fan's work.






Nominal heating power: 

For wood: 22 kW

For coal : 28 kW


Approximate heated surface: 250 m2

Efficiency: 80 %


10 years for welded connections, 


- 5 years for the tightness of the boiler's exchanger.
- 2 years for other elements





Main fuel: wood
Additional fuels: all solid fuels


Advantages of KSD "PER-EKO" boiler:
- High efficiency thank to solid construction,

- Good insulation of the water storing main body, 

- External jacket made of tinplate and powder-painted, 
- Low fuel consumption, 
- Easy handling, 

- Low pollution emission, 
- 8h slow combustion period for maximum heating power and 18h for medium heating power, 
- Fast and effective de-ashing thank to movable grates,
- Water grate.


 The image represents the KSD boiler with a factory-build in steering and a ventilator.


Technical parameters unit value
Dimensions Height mm 1350
Width mm 660
Depth + exhaust pipe mm 600+150
Heating power kW 22/28
Utility room height m 2,5
Size of heating surface 220/280
Cubic capacity of heating surface m3 550/700
Hopper capacity dcm3 70
Boiler water capcity dcm3 80
Max. water temperature °C 90
Thermal efficiency % 80
Boiler weight (without water) kg 320
Chamber depth cm 42
Loading compartment dimensions cm x cm 22,5 x 29
Exhaust pipe section cm x cm 20 x 15,5
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis cm 98



We will also supply the flue connection for this boiler in the sale price!



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