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Boiler for solid fuels PER-EKO KSW-30kW

Boiler for solid fuels PER-EKO KSW-30kW


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– it constitutes a basic line of boilers offered by the company of PER-EKO. KSW boilers are perfectly adjusted to heating of rooms and structures and objects such as houses, garages or warehouses. They are characterized by a simple and solid structure as well as a very attractive price.

All of KSW boilers (except for the 5kW version) have an extended circulation of combustion gases, the function that ensures a high level of effectiveness and a low level of fuel consumption. The boiler's body is equipped with mobile grills which allow for quick and comfortable deashing.

In order to increase the comfort of use, all of the boilers without the feeder may be equipped with an optional combustion regulator. It maintains the set temperature of heating water by mechanical decreasing or increasing of air supply to the furnace chamber.



 Nominal heating power: 30 kW

Size of heated surface: 250 m2

Efficiency: 82 %


10 years for welded connections, 


- 6 years for the tightness of the boiler's exchanger.
- 2 years for other elements

Fuel: coal
Additional fuels: mixture of coke and coal, wood and other solid fuels.

Main advantages of KSW "PER-EKO" boilers: 

- High efficiency thank to solid construction,

- Good insulation of the water storing main body,

- External jacket made of tinplate and powder painted,

- Low fuel consumption,

- Easy handling,

- High range of thermal regulation:
   automatic – via draught regulator,
   manual – by setting air inlets in the boiler door and air 
   passage in the exhaust pipe.

- Low pollution level,

- 8h slow combustion period for maximum heating power and  
  18 h for medium heating power,

- Fast and effective de-ashing thank to movable grates.,

- Water grate.


Technical parameters unit value
Dimensions Height mm 1210
Width  mm 550
Depth + exhaust pipe  mm 670+150
Heating power kW 30
Utility room height m 2,5
Size of heating surface 250
Cubic capacity of heated surface 625
Hopper capacity dcm³ 80
Chamber depth cm 48,5
Boiler water capacity dcm³ 96
Max. water temperature °C 90
Minimum chimney section cm x cm 15 x 20
Thermal efficiency   % 82
Boiler weight (without water) kg 270
Loading compartment dimensions cm x cm 26 x 19,5
Exhaust pipe section cm x cm 13,3 x 13,1
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. cm 106



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