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Coal/wood boiler PER-EKO KSW PLUS- 80kW [KSW


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   KSW BOILERit is a development of the line of KSW heating boilers.

This series was enriched with an electronic controller equipped with a blowing fan. Such solution results in the extension of the period of unaltered combustion characteristics even up to 18 hours. The extension of the boiler operation time without the need for any modification increases the usage comfort of the unit.

The electronic controller, which is a part of the KSW Plus boiler, is responsible for the maintenance of set temperature and fan control. "2P" version of the boiler is equipped with a controller which operates two pumps. Such solution allows for using of the boiler in more developed installations consisting both of the central heating installation pump and the hot current water pump.

In the case of the lack of the power supply, the boiler's structure allows also for temporary combustion without an active electronic system.

 Nominal heating power: 80 kW

Size of heated surface: 850 m2

Efficiency: 82 %


10 years for welded connections, 


Size of heated surface: 800 m²


- 6 years for the tightness of the boiler's exchanger.
- 2 years for other elements

Main fuel: coal
Alternative fuels: mixture of coke and coal, wood and other solid fuels.

Main advantages of KSW "PER-EKO" boilers: 

- High efficiency thank to solid construction,

- Good insulation of the water storing main body,

- External jacket made of tinplate and powder painted,

- Low fuel consumption,

- Easy handling,

- Low pollution level,

- 8h slow combustion period for maximum heating power and  
  18 h for medium heating power,

- Fast and effective de-ashing thank to movable grates.,

- Water grate.





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