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Moderator Unica Sensor Agro plus boilers 40 kW


Colour: green
Condition: New
Price: £ 2188.00
Shipping Cost: £ 300.00
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Agro Plus

Power: 10/15/20/25/30/40/50/60 kW

The third generation of users is already using UNICA boilers. UNICA SENSOR is a boiler for traditionalists who were taken out of the family home habits and good experience of using three-chamber boilers for manual loading.

In contrast to the simpler UNICA model, the UNICA SENSOR is equipped with a controller and fan that has the option of connecting a central heating pump and hot usage water pumps.

It has a short time of preparation for full heating efficiency characteristic for this product line, which together with the gases after-burning system is a guarantee of efficiency at the level of 84%.

It is an ideal boiler for those who have easy access to traditional fuels such as wood or coal and value the economy of this solution. The Unica Sensor boiler is the best wood boiler on the market, as evidenced by tens of thousands of satisfied users.

coal wood coal and fines woodchip
  • Equipment
    - a controller, a blower (all models)
    - a thermometer (all models)
    - a drawer (10-25 kW boilers)
    - cleaning set (all models)
  • Warranty
    36 months



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