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700 mm,Crossfer 13hp Log Saw with trailer conection


Colour: red
Condition: New
Price: £ 1089.00
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Out of Stock until further notice


Crossfer  Trailer type  700mm Log Saw  with 13hp petrol motor with tow bar conection!  ideal for B roads road legal !

This construction is extremely stable and with extremely low vibration!, the frame being heavier to the electric model
WS700-G13.0 circular saw with a petrol engine to 270 mm-diameter work pieces. Includes 700 mm carbide blade. Very powerful and robust firewood saw. Thanks to the 13hp powerful gasoline engine independent of any other power source.   A indispensable aid for professional log cutting .


Tow Log  Saw-WS700 G13AHK with petrol engine up to 270 mm diameter sawing material. Including 700 mm carbide blade. Very powerful and robust firewood saw. The powerful petrol engine independently from any power source. An indispensable aid for firewood preparation.
Gasoline engine 1 cylinder 4 stroke 13 hp
Materials Unleaded / 0.6 liters of engine oil SAE 5W-30
Log Saw 700mm 
Rotational speed 1440 rev / min
maximum (average turnaround) 270 mm
Saw blade diameter 700 mm
Saw blade holder 30 mm
Operational dimensions W 700 x D 1200 x H 106 cm
Dimensions folded W 700 x D 920 x H 106 cm
Rocking Platform Length / with Extension 700 mm / 750 mm
Working height 85 cm approx Rocking Platform
Standard hitch ball
Tires tires 4.80 / 4.00-8
135 kg
Shipping Dimensions W 106 x D 76 x H 114 cm
Shipping weight 165 kg
All dimensions provided + - 5%
Technical modifications and design changes at any time without notice
Perfect balance , robust and very reliable technology with a powerful petrol engine.
Safe handling with full lining of the belt drive!
MORE highlights:
1 = Table expanding  for long logs,
2 = Stop for log length
3 = Standard drawbar with ball and safety chain
4 = Front support legs for transport with a retractable handle
5 = Large road and all-terrain pneumatic tires

New is the optimum belt tension by eliminating the performance-reducing rubber damper.
Thus,  total engine power without any slippage, all power can be transmitted to drive the blade! 

Among other things, is at the front and rear double bearing guide pulley and the double
(under the full guarantee covering) to recognize the outstanding quality of this saw. 



WS700-1 G9.0 circular saw with 13 hp petrol engine included 1x 700 mm carbide blade
Delivery will be made up entirely!
New log Saw ! (Excluding wear parts) with a

 "12 month warranty"

Operating instructions in English

For operation, you will also need:

approximately 0.6 liters of engine oil SAE 5W-30 for the petrol engine
0.02 liters of motor oil SAE 5W-30 for the air filter
Premium unleaded fuel

It is advisable to run the motor for 10 hours then do a oil change.



Accessories we offer:


CS-SB HMCH 700  blade 700 mm 30 mm bore

Carbide carbide saw blade SB-HMC700 700mm 30mm bore

High-carbide saw blade SB-HMD700 700 mm 30 mm bore

Nail-resistant blade TCT saw blade SB-NF700 700 mm 30 mm bore
Please note all items under our 2 year warranty, will be collected at your premises and repaired at our expense, if the motor needs replacing for some reason,  a replacement motor will be sent out for you! at our expense.  Delivery is booked by appointment delivery time is approx 5 to 10 days from date of order. There are no extra charges the price you see is the price you pay! 


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