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Flue thermostat for LADDOMAT ECOVARM 50-300 C 1,5m - RS 300 [RS 300]


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To start and stop the charging pump between boiler and accumulator tank. To be used when connecting to Laddomat 21.
For installation on flue.
The flue thermostat starts the pump as soon as the flue pipe has reached the right temperature after the fire is lit.
A suitable setting is 50–120°C.
When the log fire has burned out, the pump stops as soon as the flue has cooled down.

Technical data:
- single-thermostat 50–300°C
- for external fitting on flue
- changeover contact
- capillary tube, length 1.5 m
- fittings included
- probe length 75 mm
- probe diameter 5 mm

Electrical data
Resistive load 16 A at 250 V, 10 A at 380 V
Inductive load 5 A at 250 V, 1 A at 380 V


If ordering with the laddomatt valve postage is free.





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