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LS18T PTO + E400V 18 tons of wood splitter for PTO and with 400V electric motor 400V 5.1 kW


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 LS18T PTO + E400V 18 tons of wood splitter for PTO and with 400V electric motor 400V 5.1 kW



Drive either electric motor 400V ( 380V ) V/50Hz / 5,100 watts ( 5.1 kW) / S6 40 % IP54
or PTO connection standard 34.8 mm 6 Teeth (1 3/8'' 6 teeth ) max. 540U/min min. 25 hp
Maximum force of 18 tons
Spaltgutgrößen of about 55 cm in diameter , depending on the species and nature
Spaltgutgrößen manufacturer's recommendation 110 cm length x 45 cm Ø
Wood Length 110cm maximum / minimum 35cm
Arbeitshubub 94.5 cm
Speed ​​forward ( fast) ca.12 , 0 cm / sec with about 9 tons of splitting pressure
Speed ​​work running about 4.8 cm / sec with 18 tons Speltdruck
Speed ​​rewind about 7.8 cm / sec
Hydraulic oil 24 liters HLP32
Hydraulic oil pressure both pumps 22 MPa
Noise at idle 80.1 dbA
Noise under full load 92.5 dbA
Dimensions ( min. / max. ) H x W x D in cm 188 x 66 x 70/250 x 110 x 70
Weight about 318 kg
Shipping Dimensions H x W x D in cm 196 x 70 x 75 approx 325kg
Specifications are subject to change at any time
The operational readiness can be produced without any effort. Thanks to the included support ( Fig. 1) , the cylinder moves by its own drive to the operating position ( Fig. 2). You need this there only to lock .
Thanks to the integrated master lifter a very ergonomic work is possible. Do not need the log lifter , it can be engaged and serves as the second guard .
FORWARD quickly
Press both operating lifting completely down , the piston moves with 2.5 times the speed down . He developed about ½ of the maximum splitting force .
Move just before the impact of the wedge on the wood one of the two control levers back a bit to the top ( 2-3 cm ), the piston movement slows . Now the device develops the specified maximum splitting force .
2 speeds
Two different operating modes are selectable by the simple on or removing a spring ( Fig. 1):
Hooked first spring , manual rewind. the piston remains when you release the control levers are in any position and only retracts when pushing the operating lever .
Posted 2 spring with automatic rewind . When you release the control lever , the piston moves back up to the desired Strel Lung .
This position can be continuously adjusted with a handle ( Fig. 2). This allows you adjust the splitting stroke the length of your Spaltguts . This saves a lot of time and energy.
Other highlights:
► Robust , powerful device for continuous use
► Two hand safety control
► The integrated safety concept holds hands during the operation of the danger zone !
► PHASE TURNER : If your domestic electrical system has a reversed direction of rotation of the phases , which is no problem with our splitters ! Using a screwdriver can change the phase rotation in the " twinkling of an eye " .
► To transport or for storage can retract the cylinder space.
Scope of delivery:
► log splitter LS18T PTO + E400V with log lifter
► filled with hydraulic oil
Filled ► PTO gearbox with gear oil
► Manual in German
For operation you need:
► Either a suitable drive machine with PTO connection min . 25PS
► or 400V CEE connector cable 16A , maximum 25 meters , at least 5x2, 5mm ² wire cross-section !


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