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Wood splitter 13 ton PTO cardan shaft PTO 130cm

Wood splitter 13 ton PTO cardan shaft PTO 130cm


Colour: red/black
Condition: New
Price: £ 885.00
Shipping Cost: £ 120.00
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Crossfer Wood splitter 13 ton PTO cardan shaft PTO 130cm , 1 year warranty.

Very robust and powerful 13 ton PTO log splitter for continuous professional use
Through the three -way adjustable table including the stand as additional working platform , giving you the option that you can split  different lengths of wood ..
Furthermore, it can of course also be the free travel of the riving knife upwards continuously , mechanically block .
Loss of time and energy wasted by long idle motions accounts !
4 variable ajustment setting
maximum log length
Distance from the bottom
table top
about 55 cm
about 75 cm
table center
about 78 cm
about 56 cm
Table below about 98 cm about 35 cm
Stand about 130 cm 4 cm
Wood splitter CROSSFER GmbH
PTO 1 3/8'' 6 teeth max 560rpm (revolution per minute)
Three point KAT1
Maximum force 13 tons
Log-receiving Ø / length maximum of about 60cmØ / 55 cm / 78 cm / 98 cm / 130 cm
Log-receiving manufacturer's recommendation Ø 40 cm x 130 cm in length
Hub 49 cm
Speed ​​work run about 4.08 cm / sec *
Speed ​​rewind about 6.7 cm / sec *
Hydraulic oil HLP 46 approximately 7.5 liters
Hydraulic oil pressure 20 Mpa
Dimensions 56 cm W x 86 cm D x 110 to 162 cm H
Weight 165 kg
Shipping size 560 mm W x 1000 mm D x 1045 mm H 203kg
All dimensions are + - 2%
Specifications are subject to change at any time
Other highlights:
► Robust , powerful device for continuous use
► The key extension is already included in the price
► Thanks to the handles and the large wheels are the device can also roll well to the site
► Two hand safety control
► The integrated safety concept holds hands during the operation of the danger zone !
► To transport or for storage can be the Cleaver enter space.
► sold hundreds and well proven
Scope of delivery:
► log splitter HSP13TD PTO
► Hydraulic tank filled with oil
► wedge extension
► 3 securing bolts for the three-point linkage
► Operating Instructions
For operation you need:
► a driving machine with suitable PTO
► a suitable propeller shaft
► approximately 0.06 liters of transmission oil for the PTO
 Extra items if required and spare parts
Splitting cross called SK- HSP10T
Broadening wedge labeled SKVB - HSP10T
Wedge extension called SKVL - HSP10T
transmission oil
Hydraulic oil as a reserve
cardan shafts


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