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CROSS 7T300 RAPID saw-splitting machine


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Highly professional Log Saw combination Log Splitter ( 3 phase) 400 v only! all you need to start a fire wood business

So quick and easy firewood processing has never been

With the length stop can be the desired length specify in advance. The strain is placed on the roller track and wrestled esch top to the length stop. means secured timber holding claw, you can comfortably saw off the trunk. This automatically falls into the gap region and by pressing a button in 2 or 4 logs split.


- Sawing and splitting in one pass

- High performance chainsaw with integrated lubrication

- 7 tons of splitting pressure

- Driven by 2 powerful motors 400V

- Roller conveyor for wood supply

- Strains of a length up to 190 cm are possible

- Two hand safety control

- Wood claw

- Fuse switch

- Protection grid

- Automatic splitting process

- Compact and portable with drawbar

- Easily establish the operational readiness

- Large Pneumatic tires with wheel for easy maneuvering




Electric motor chainsaw 400V (380V) V/50Hz / 4000 Watt
Electric motor log splitter 400V (380V) V/50Hz / 5000 Watt
Maximum force 7 tons
Log-receiving Ø maximum

30 cm

Wood maximum lengths 190 cm
Speed ​​work run 32 cm / sec
Speed ​​reverse 110 cm / sec

Hydraulic oil



18.0 liters


HLP 46

Hydraulic oil pressure 17.8 Mpa
Noise under full load

109 dbA

Dimensions ready

2890 mm L 

  930 mm T 

1650 mm H variable

Weight  353 kg
Shipping Dimensions

1800 mm L 

  800 mm T 

2000 mm H variable



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