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Pre-insulated pipe double HD 2x40/125 - thread 5/4 inch


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Buy now price is for 10 meters of pipe min order , if you want extra the pipe cost  91.48 per linnar meter please email for quotation. 

Double pre-insulated pipe HD PN 6/95°C with EVOH anti-diffusion barrier for transporting heating factor (central heating).

A pre-insulated pipe includes:

  • Internal pipe made of PEX-A cross-linked polyethylene
  • Insulation layer made of semi-flexible PUR polyutherane foam
  • Protective pipe made of low or medium density HDPE polyethylene


  • HELA Nipple x 4 pieces
  • End Cap x 2 pieces

Product specification:

Nominal diameter (Dn) 32 mm
Internal pipes diameter (Dz) 40 mm
Inner pipes wall thickness (g) 3.7 mm
Diameter of the outer pipe (Do) 125 mm
Max. water temperature 95 °C
Maximum pressure 6 bar
Weight without water 2.6 kg/m
Maximum length of the roll 100 m


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