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Ogniwo S6WC Classic 17kW

Ogniwo S6WC Classic 17kW


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 Coal boiler CELL S6WC-17 17kW is a modern and efficient product belongs to the low-temperature boilers with a temperature of the heating medium in the system no more than 90 of C.

Model S6WC is dedicated to work for water central heating system, open secured appropriate expansion vessels.

Reached team aeration, available as an option, allows you to use the oven in a degraded condition of the chimney draft, the exploitation of natural flue is not possible. Automatic adjustment can also be carried over using a special aquatic draft regulator.




Advantages of the boiler hopper type CELL S6WC:

  • Heat exchanger made of certified steel sheets P265GH

  • 4 years warranty on the heat exchanger leaks

  • High thermal efficiency of the device, depending on the fuel used,

  • Factory-fitted for a set of blow or liquid draft regulator

  • Mechanical moving grate for ash removal grid-water

  • High quality and aesthetics of

Please not this can be fan assisted with a controller if required, please contact for detais 


Additional Information

Manufacturer Link
Type of boiler cast iron
Type of boiler chamber without ventilator
Number of members Not
Type of feeder Not
Burner type Not
Range of nominal power 17 kW
Optimum thermal efficiency Not
Size of heated area 140 - 180 m ^ 2
Water Capacity Not
Single fuel charge to 35 ^ 3 dm
Water temperature min / max 90
Power ~ 230V/50Hz
Width 400 mm
Depth 570 mm
Height 1060 mm
Cross section of the flue Not
Connection size Not
Weight 210.0000
Fuels fine coal, lump wood, coal-walnut-peas


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