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Solar evacuated tube collector SE 20 tubes - 2.55m2


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 Vacuum-tube solar collectors are the most efficient types of solar collectors. They have the form of a glass tube in which a vacuum prevails. Thanks to its unusual construction they work regardless of the direction of the sun, by absorbing the radiation also in the cloudy days. Vacuum tube collectors have a very low loss of heat. The "heat pipe" technology in vacuum collectors provide high efficiency. Higher efficiency means more savings and a faster return on funds invested in the solar system. Vacuum tube collectors made in the technology of "heat pipe" are also less expensive to operate.

The advantages of solar "heat pipe":
- They are less expensive to operate - any damage to one of the tubes does not require replacement of the entire unit,
- Absorb the radiation scattered - which is important for the work of the collector on cloudy days,
- Have a higher efficiency than flat-plate collectors,
- Have a perfect thermal insulation
- Vacuum,
- Act on the principle of evaporation and condensation of solar fluid and therefore have a much better thermal conductivity compared to pure copper,
- Absorber area is effectively isolated from the weather.

Product specification
Collector surface 2.55 m2
Height 1960 mm
Width 1633 mm
Thickness 186 mm
Weight 63.9 kg


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