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Stationary internal direct heater PROSAT 600 25 kW


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The PROSAT 600 hot air blower has very high efficiency – giving 100% clean hot air ranging from 50°C to 120°C.

The PROSAT 600 boiler can combust wood of various granulation from sawdust to blocks. Shavings and other small pieces should be burnt together with blocks.

Wood gasifi cation hot air blowers are commonly used in industrial buildings or other facilities as: warehouses, workshops, hangars, tents or outbuildings.

They’re also used as a source of hot air in technological purposes in drying houses of wood, grains, herbs or fruits.

- Up to 90% effi cient
- Low maintenance costs
- Easy to install (only chimney system needed)
- Small amount of ash residue
- Large loading capacity
- Length of wooden blocks: 50 cm
- Up to 12 hours continuous operation
- Modulated fan power 30-100%
- Environmentally-friendly
- Made from the highest quality 6 mm boiler steel


Technical Parameters
Power 7.5 - 25 kW
Weight 540 kg
Water capacity 75 l
Efficiency 90 %
Height 1302 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 1317 mm
Loading compartment dimensions 260 x 432 mm
Max. length of wood 500 mm


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