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Crossfer Log Saw 700mm PTO


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For engine machinery (tractors) with 3-point attachment of category 1 and 2 

The PTO meets standard (34.8 mm) 1 3/8 '6 teeth 
Equipped with a 700 mm HM-high performance saw blade from German manufacter
New improved model! Now with Wipptischverlängerung and with length stop for equal lengths of wood. 
The frame structure was reinforced and executed over 20kg heavier. 
This construction is extremely stable and extremely low vibration! 
Optimal voltage of the double belt drive without performance-reducing slippage. 
Extremely powerful and robust firewood. 
An indispensable aid for firewood preparation. 
Technical data: 
Wippkreissäge WS700-PTO 
Maximum speed for PTO 540 U / min 
Saw blade speed 1540 rev / min 
Schnittgutdurchmesser maximum (inflection section) from 80 to 240 mm 
Saw blade diameter 700 mm 
Saw blade holder 30 mm 
Dimensions ready W 700 x D 1200 x H 106 cm 
Dimensions folded W 700 x D 920 x H 106 cm 
Length tilting table / with extension 700 mm / 750 mm 
Working height tilting table about 75 cm 
Weight 120 kg 
Shipping size approx 120 B x D 88 x H 119 cm 
Shipping weight 145 kg 
All dimensions provided + - 5% 
Technical changes and changes in design are reserved 
Perfectly designed, robust and very reliable technology! 
Safe handling by the full panel of the belt drive. 
Complete occlusion of the saw blade is engaged while tilting table! 
Scope of delivery: 
1 WS700-PTO circular saw with Zapfwellenantrien (PTO) including 1 piece 700 mm carbide saw blade "MADE IN GERMANY" 
Supplied complete set up! 
NEW COMMODITY! With a two-year warranty (excluding wear parts) 
User manual in German 
For operation you need: 
A suitable PTO 
A suitable drive machine 
As a useful accessories we offer: 
Ited CS blade SB-HMCH700 700 mm 30 mm bore 
Carbide TCT saw blade SB-HMC700 700 mm 30 mm bore 
High performance TCT saw blade SB-HMD700 700 mm 30 mm bore 
Nail festival saw blade TCT saw blade SB-NF700 700 mm 30 mm bore 
Transmission oil GH 75 W 90 
Pto shaft can be ordered seprately at a cost of 60 UK sterling please mail for details or Vat invoice.



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