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Boiler Ling DUO NG 75 kW

Boiler Ling DUO NG 75 kW


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- 5 years on weldings and boiler plates
- 2 years on electronics

- eco-pea coal
- pellets

Alternative fuel:
- brown pea coal

Boilers Ling DUO NG with automatic fuel feed are designed for coal 5-25mm and pellets combustion. Boilers are equipped with additional emergency furnace to allow burning a traditional fuels such as wood and coal. Burning in the automatic mode is carried out in cast iron, high-quality retort burner.
Klimosz DUO NG boilers are design to provides a secure, easy-to-use and economical work. 

Product specification

Power output    
eco-pea coal 76.8 kW
pellets 66.3 kW
eco-pea coal 83.5 %
pellets 80.7 %
Boiler sizes    
Height 1826 mm
Width 1655 mm
Depth 1020 mm
Weight 940 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 200 mm
Water capacity 195 L
Hopper capacity 505 dm3
Outlet and inlet size 2 "
- The possibility of burning wood and coal on the extra burner
- High efficiency, simple, fast service and maintenance as well as economic exploitation 
- Low levels of harmful substances in the exhaust - tested in accordance with EN 303-5 
- The boiler is designed to put the burner with the container to the opposite side 
- The ability to change the direction of opening the door
- High volume fuel tank
- Low heat loss to the environment by using 50 mm thick insulation of high quality 
- The boiler painted with a high quality powder 


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