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Boiler STALMARK Duo Pid 31 kW

Boiler STALMARK Duo Pid 31 kW


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 Boiler STALMARK Duo Pid 31 kW

STALMARK DUO PID boiler is a universal boiler which can adapt to a changing needs of its user. DUOgives a possibility of using two furnaces: a traditional furnace with permanent water grate or a newest generation of cast iron retort burner.

The device was equipped with the newest technological and constructional solutions which reduces emission of fumes and fuel consumption. The boiler is equipped with a ST-709 steering with the PID algorithm and fumes temperature sensor. It operates the feeder, airflow and 4 pumps: central heating, domestic hot water, circulation and floor pump. 
Additionally, this device can cooperate with two mixing valves: three-way and four-way one.

Advantages of STALMARK DUO PID boiler:
exchanger made of attested steel: 6-8 mm
two furnaces: automatic and traditional high efficiency
possibility of work in a summer mode
boiler designed for constant work
possibility to connect domestic hot water exchanger

4 years for tightness
2 years for other elements 
Power output

31 kW


500 kg

Exhaust gas pipe diameter

180 mm


90.3 %

Size of heated surface

300 m²

Water capacity

88 L

Boiler heating surface

3.4 m²


1590 mm


1180 mm


760 mm

Required chimney draught

29 Pa

Outlet and inlet size

6/4 inch

Power supply

230 V


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