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Jansen GTS1500E shredder timber shredders garden Mulcher wood chipper wood chipper 15HP, 100mm


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Wood chipper / timber shredder / Garden Mulcher Jansen GTS-1500E 

Our GTS1500E is a first-class shredder/ chipp. Thanks to its solid and stable construction, it is an especially robust device and is also suitable for commercial use. The powerful 15 HP LONCIN G420F engine gives you complete independence from the power grid so that the shredder can even be used in remote locations. The engine is equipped with a recoil-starter and an electric starter (battery included).

Thanks to the high ejection chute, which is 180 degree turnable, you can expel the chippings directly onto a trailer. The GTS-1500E feeds material into the shredder itself with formidable power, thanks to the 2 rotating blades which rotate on a shaft and run against a counter blade. This ensures highly efficient working.

According to the texture of the wood the shredder shreds branches of a maximum diameter of 12 cm!

Using the supplied towing hook, the unit can be towed with ease to any location. The foldable drawbar makes it easier to feed the shredder and is also a plus when it comes to storage. The shredder is very maintenance-friendly. Parts such as blades, counter blades, etc., are easy to reach. In a few easy steps you can remove the whole hopper in order to gain better access to wear parts. The bearings are also equipped with grease nipples.




Technical data: 

  • 4-stroke OHV engine, 420 ccm, 15 HP LONCIN G420F
  • pullstarter 
  • electric starter 
  • incl. batteries
  • Speed: 3600 r / min. 
  • max. Schnittgutdurchmesser 85-100 mm 
  • Total Weight (dry): 190 kg 
  • regular gasoline 
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6.5 liters 
  • Consumption: approximately 1.2 - 1.5 l / h. 
  • Discharge height: 1400 mm 
  • Feeding height: 1000 mm 
  • Number of knives: 3 piece (2 knives, 1 bedknife) 
  • Dimensions packaging: 113x73x108 cm (LxWxH) 
  • Weight Packaging: 215 kg 

Vat of 20% is included in the price , a Vat invoice will be provided on Sale.


The machine comes well packed in a wooden crate. For the final assembly will be completed by you , time approx 30 min . The Job is quite simple; Ajust your blades and you will need about 1.5 liters of engine oil for the engine. Here we recommend a multigrade oil 10W40 or 15W40 classification. The machine will have a English manual. 


The bolts on one of the blades are always glued,   this is for the CE certification requirements, you need to heat each bolt lightly with a plumbers torch/ gas blow torch,  and loosen with a spanner/power wrench  , If you use a power wrench before heating the bolt the bolt will shear off.

**If you are using a commercially available bolt you should note that the glue is an essential part of the test and certification process and you should only use the glue specified by the manufacturer.

2 year parts only warranty, you send us the photo of damaged part , we access and post you out the replacement part and you make the repair.  12 months on commercial use. 


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Dayne Bendle
24 July 2018
I Bought a Jansen GTS1500 second hand, and its a brilliant piece of kit! For the price you get a heck of a lot of machine. The only adjustment I made was to put it on a trailer chassis so I could road tow! Recommend this chipper any day!

Steven Peaple
07 August 2017
Bought this wood chipper almost one year ago and it has been a great machine for my business as it can get to back of properties with ease. Keep the blades sharp and it will cope with most material . The only medication I have made is when you are chipping I have bought some chequered alloy and fitted over the carrying handles to protect the electric wires . Great machine Steve S peaple estate and garden services ,wilts

James Marshall
14 April 2017

Trevor Spadling
08 October 2016
Well built chipper, best of several we have purchased for commercial enterprise, would recommend to anyone the 15hp chipper!

Claudimar michelli
07 October 2016
Tem representante na região Sul Brasil

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