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PTO Shredder BX 62RS shredder wood shredder wood chipper tractor shredder

1775011/ 5000000308

Colour: silver/black
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The Jansen BX 62RS is a PTO wood shredder of top quality German engineering. Through its hydraulic feed is working with this machine a delight. Subsequent pushing, pressing, etc., there is not in this model; do that the two large feed rollers alone. The speed of the feed rollers can be varied continuously. This is important in order to align the feed speed on the diameter of the Schredderguts. Smaller diameters can be recovered faster than larger diameter. If the collection nevertheless once block may be set to the reverse mode on the large bracket on the hopper of the catchment. In addition, the feeder can also be disabled on this clip. 

 The BX-62 RS, which has a bilateral suspension of the feed rollers, and a reinforced feed hopper. 
The wood chipper is supplied complete with PTO. In the PTO is on one side of a shear pin fitted, which serves as a predetermined breaking point for safety reasons in blocking or overloading. So you can easily use larger tractors with more than 100 hp. You should have at least a motor power of 30 hp. The PTO speed must be 540 - 1000 U / min. amount. 
The hopper has a top opening of 63.5 x 63.5 cm; at the bottom of the opening has a dimension of 16.5 x 30.5 cm. Maximum, a diameter of 16.5 cm are shredded. Many competitors give the maximum Schreddergutdurchmesser equal to the dimensions of the lower filler opening to . Softer woods can be shredded with diameters of up to 25 cm, if necessary; and such diameter are processed into firewood in the rule and not chopped. 
The processing of the BX-62RS is very solid; the material thickness of the sheets employed are in the load bearing portion 10 and 12 mm, in the hoppers, and to non-load-bearing elements 4 and 6 mm.  
For transport, the hopper can be easily folded up and secured with a cotter pin. To facilitate the folding features of the Chopper 2 shock absorbers. 
The machine has a very easy to maintain; so you can open with the removal of just one screw the complete flywheel cover and has access to the 4 cutting blades. These cutters have blades on both sides, so they can be easily rotated when needed. The flywheel has a weight of 95 kg and has put on wings, which produce the very strong train by which ultimately the shredded material is blown out through the discharge hopper. By this very strong draft clogging of the shredder plant is almost impossible. 
The discharge hopper has a height of 220 cm (plus. Raising the lower arm) and can be rotated 360 degrees. On request we can provide in addition a discharge hopper extension of 50 cm. Thus the shredded can easily fill on tractor trailers or directly in big bags. The ejection angle can also be changed. The BX-62RS flings the shredded up to 10 meters! Color Black.
The shredder is designed for 3-point hitch and can be used from Kat. I.. 
Technical data: 
Tractor power: min. 30 PS 
Recording: 3-point cat-I. 
PTO: included 
Number of blades: 4 knives, 1 bedknife 
Flywheel diameter: 76 cm 
Collection: hydraulic 
Dimensions: 127x132x188 cm (funnel 220 cm) 
Packaging dimensions: 109x81x74 cm 
Weight max. Packing: 550 kg
Please note delivery is on 2 euro pallets and vat invoice will be supplied with the order. Delivery is approx 3 to 6 working days.
1 year warranty with workshop


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Thomas Fahey
03 March 2019
Hi do you deliver to republic of Ireland Thanks

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