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Log Saw SMA 700mm with trailer connection Jansen Electric Start 15HP


Colour: black
Condition: New
Price: £ 1061.00
Shipping Cost: £ 150.00
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Item in stock, 
Delivery time approx. 4-7work days

New model 2109 improved safety : 

The SMA-700 is our newest model circular saw, with a powerful 15 HP (LonCin G-420F) petrol engine and a 700 mm circular saw blade.

You can saw through logs in a fraction of a second with this saw. With a direct, virtually loss-free belt drive, you will hardly notice the blade gliding through the log.

The engine comes equipped with an automatic low oil cut-off and can be optionally started via recoil starter or the integrated electric starter. A 12 volt battery has been built into the saw especially for this purpose.

In contrast with the majority of drag saws in this price class on the market, our SMA-700 has its own chassis with pneumatic tyres and a towbar with a spherical-head coupler. In this way the saw can be transported with ease. Many competing models only come equipped with small, hard, plastic rollers and are difficult to move, let alone being completely unsuitable for manoeuvring on soft ground!

The rocker can be extended on the left side in order to create a larger bearing area for the wood where necessary; an approx. 20 cm extension is included as part of delivery.

On the right side, the rocker has a guide, with which you can saw your wood to exact measurements. The guide consists of a solid flat-iron section, and is completely stable. In many drag saws, only a thin, flimsy metal or plastic guide is used, which often does not last for very long and which quickly becomes bent or broken. With our guide you can saw cut precisely to a maximum of 56 cm.

The hammer blow varnish is very durable and resistant. The diameter of the wood to cut may measure up to a maximum of 270 mm and be of minimum 25 mm. To ensure safe working and clamping, the saw comes equipped with gripping tongs with which you feed the wood to the blade.

A further difference to many competing products is that our saw meets all valid regulations and has undergone an EC type-examination.

Technical specifications:

  • 4-stroke OHV engine, 390 ccm, 15 HPLonCin G-420F
  • Drive: Belt drive (2x 13x841LI or 2x 13x871LW)
  • Starter: Recoil starter & electric starter
  • Battery incl.: yes (12 Volt)
  • Rotational speed saw blade: max. 1440 Rpm.
  • Diameter of blade: 700mm, carbide tipped
  • Diameter of blade, intake: 30 mm, tooth pitch: 32 mm
  • Width of blade: 3.2 mm
  • Total weight (dry): 150 kg
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Tank capacity: 6 litres
  • Fuel consumption: Approx. 1.2 – 1.5 L/h
  • Dimensions: 1450x1040x1260 mm (LxWxH) (The width can be decreased to approx. 80 cm by pushing in the wheel axle.)
  • Measurements of packaging: 1140x800x1260 mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight including packaging: 183 kg


The device is delivered well packed and part-assembled in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 1/2 hour for final assembly. A step by step assembly guide as well as several detailed diagrams are part of the manual that comes with the machine. Assembly is not difficult. However, in the event that you require any assistance, we are happy to help you. You will need approx. 1 litre of engine oil for the engine. For this purpose we recommend multi-grade oil of classification 10W40 or 15W40.


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Brian Hill
07 October 2016
Just had its first outing and cut up a tractor transport box full of timber 9" long in 2 hours. Fantastic electric start. Tried the pull cord but a bit too heavy for me at 81 years. I have also purchased a Jansen 23 tonne log splitter. Thanks for good products. Regards. Brian Hill UK

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