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Log splitter Jansen TS-14L105 tractor mounted


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This very compact and robust tractor splitter reaches a nip pressure of 14 tons and will ensure that each piece of wood split! The splitter can be easily in the 3-point linkage (Cat. 1 & 2) your tractor / tractor / Unimog etc. are hooked and is the hydraulic connections of the vehicle supplied (supply and return is required, return without pressure). By the 3-point increase, the splitter can be adjusted to the desired working height. 

This tractor splitter has a gap of as much as 105 cm and a cylinder stroke of 100 cm. The cylinder takes 10 seconds and 9 seconds for the return path for a complete pre-travel. 
Included is a removable wedge 4 way tool. 
A high speed operation is achieved by the slightly different technique this splitter ... Here the wood of the cylinder is pressed against the splitting wedge and may fall behind. If one wedge something on Spaltkeil- or wedge, you can just follow up with the next piece, which then makes the way free again! The cylinder moves back automatically without the need to have your hands on the levers. Alternatively, you can stop him in any position and also drive back. The nip pressure is also to always full. Many other breakers of the cylinder must be retracted until back to the starting position ... that costs a lot of time. 
The log splitter is shipped with the statutory two-hand operation. It is pretty easy to make it a one-hand operation; However, this is then the responsibility of the customer. 
We have developed these devices and  offer this service for a qualified (workshop) and spare parts supply. We usually have every part in stock. Also for questions or problems we are personally by phone to the side. With us you will speak with knowledgeable people and not with "call center agents"! 
Technical data: 
Drive: hydraulic 2-circuit (on tractor) 
Weight: about 214 kg (dry) 
Nip pressure: 14 tons 
Scope of supply: cross wedge and gap wedge. 
Oil pressure: 175 bar at 14 t 
max. Oil flow rate: 41.6 l / min. 
max. Gap length: 105 cm 
Cylinder bore: 100 mm 
Cylinders Runtime:. 10 sec ago, back 9 sec 
Tractor collecting: Kat.1 and Kat.2 (bolts included.) 
Dimensions: 269x86x75 cm 
Dimensions 210x49x63 cm Pack .: 
Packaging weight: 246 kg


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