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Jansen Log splitter HS-12L53, 12 t, 53 cm, horizontal, Kohler petrol engine 6.5 hp


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The HS-12L53 is a very powerful, horizontal wood splitter in the compact class. He has real 12 tons splitting force and a very robust 6.5 hp OHV petrol engine. 
The nip pressure is measured at our log splitters directly on Cleaver, so this specification also corresponds to the actual abutting nip pressure. In many other suppliers here unrealistic values ​​are given, which are never achieved in practice. 
The max. Length of Logs is 53 cm. 
The splitter is easy to use. The engine can be very easily start with a rope pull starter and works well in freezing temperatures. 
To facilitate the displacement is a drawbar on the device (without ball head shot). A road authority to operate behind a car does not have the device. The use behind an agricultural or forestry tractor would be (note the Highway Code -> light, license plate, etc.) therefore legal.for B roads 
You can also carry on a conventional trailer due to the small total width of about 84 cm but the device. 
We deliver to the splitter with the mounted riving knife still charge a wedge, which is simply pushed across the gap wedge. A change between wedge and cross is thus done in seconds! 
By splitting wedge or wedge you split thicker stems with larger diameters in one operation. The special feature of this device is the wedge / wedge are permanently mounted and press the cylinder, the wood against it. Once pinched a piece on the cross, so it is usually sufficient simply the next Log zou split ! So you can work quickly and efficiently. 
The hydraulic system is designed so that the riving knife stopped in any position and either forwards or can be moved back. The force is always present and the riving knife must not, as many competing products, be driven back again and again up to the starting position. 
Kohler engines 
Since 1873, the American manufacturer Kohler builds innovative engines, which are characterized by excellent design and craft superb manufacturing world. In addition to Honda and B & S Kohler is one of the leading brands when it comes to the placement of small engines on garden and landscape equipment and lawnmowers. Leading manufacturers such as John Deere, MTD, Stiga, Toro and many others use these high quality motors. Kohler builds not only petrol engines - today is also one of the innovative Italian diesel engine maker Lombardini for Kohler Group. 
Technical data: 
4-stroke OHV engine, 6.5 hp 
Fuel: Normal Petrol 
Starter: Recoil starter 
Weight: about 100 kg without fluids 
Train speed: max. 25 km / h 
max. Gap length: 53 cm 
Oil pressure: 240 bar 
Cylinder speed: approx. 12sec (both ways)
Nip pressure: 12 tons (measured value) 
Wedge, length 15 cm (included) 
Riving knife, length 15 cm (included) 
Dimensions: 184x84x78 (LxWxH) 
Dimensions 155x65x48 cm Pack .: (LxWxH) 
Engine Oil quantity: about 0.7 l (10W40 or 15W40.) 
Hydraulic oil quantity: about 8.0 l (HLP 46)
The device is delivered well packed and part-assembled in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 1 hour for final assembly. Step by step assembly instructions as well as several detailed diagrams are part of the manual that comes with your log splitter. Assembly is not difficult. However, in the event that you require any assistance, we are happy to help you. You will need approx. 8 litres of hydraulic oil to make the device ready before use. A hydraulic oil of classification HLP46 would be ideal and is widely available. In addition you will also need approx. 1 litre of engine oil for the engine. For this purpose we recommend multi-grade oil of classification 10W40 or 15W40


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