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Leaf Blower Jansen LS-100, 6.5 HP petrol motor, universal suction


Colour: yellow
Condition: New
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 The Jansen LS-100 Leaf blower is self-propelled with wheel drive and is very easy to handle the 63 kg. 

The robust 6.5 hp OHV engine can be started either by recoil starter or electric starter by / 220V. When electric start the leaf blower is connected using an extension cable with a conventional outlet. One press of the starter button is enough and the engine is running. 
Why we have chosen this type of starter? Here's why: 
A simpler and poorer maintenance starter system does not exist. Surely you know the problem: After a long life you want operate the conventional starter battery via starter, but nothing is happening because the battery has discharged again. Since you use is the best electric starter nothing. To circumvent this problem, we have chosen the variant of the electric start on a 220 V outlet, that always works! Should they be far from a power outlet, you can start the engine any time by pull starter. 
The powerful engine, the Wheel, the 73 cm working width and the central height adjustment and the large collecting bag make this sucker a perfect working device !. 
We have all the spare parts and accessories for our machines in stock. Also is available for questions or problems for us to answer your  questions! 01795 500077
Technical data: 
Working width: 73 cm 
Starter: Recoil starter / 220 V electric starter 
Accessories: collecting bag 
Volume grass-catcher: 240 l 
Speed​​: 2 km / h even with wheel drive without drive faster 
Engine: 4-stroke OHV petrol engine, 6.5 hp 
Fuel: Normal Petrol 
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l 
Consumption: 1.2 l / h. 
63 kg without fluids 
Dimensions: 158x76x102 cm (LxWxH) 
Engine oil capacity: 1 l (10W40 or 15W40.)


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