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Coal boiler STALMARK PID - 15 kW with exhaust gases temperature sensor


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 PID boiler from STALMARK is equipped with a newest microprocessor regulator which is steering the power of the boiler. The regulator is controlling the temperature of the exhaust outlet (keeping them on a constant level) and keeping the constant temperature of the boiler.

The controller is constantly measuring the temperature of fumes at the outlet. In case of significant rise of temperature at the outlet of the boiler, the work of the fan is slowed down or stopped. The controller except standard sensors is also equipped with the exhaust outlet sensor. Thanks to that, the temperature of fumes are always at the same level.

Using this type of steering with the exhaust outlet sensor, the user can save up to 13% of fuel. In addition, the temperature of the water output is very stable and extends the life of the boiler. The control of the temperature of fumes at the outlet of the boiler causes lower dust and hazardous gases emmission and the heat energy from the fumes is not wasted but used for heating.


- 4 years for tightness

- 2 years for other elements


Advantages of Stalmark "PID" boiler: 

- possibility of combusting every type of solid fuel

- quick and easy maintance

- controller is using two pumps: central heating pump and domestic hot water pump

- large furnace chamber

Power output

15 kW


270 kg

Exhaust gas pipe diameter

180 mm


83 %

Size of heated surface

130 m²

Water capacity

50 L

Boiler heating surface

1.6 m²


1362 mm


525 mm


871 mm

Max working pressure

1.5 bar

Required chimney draught

24 Pa

Outlet and inlet size

6/4 inch

Power supply

230V / 50Hz



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