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Earth boring one-man EBG-100 with 100 to 200 mm drill, 3 hp, drill


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The Jansen EBG-100 one-man earth drill is perfect for fence construction, planting work, playground construction, garden and landscaping work, drainage and much more. Thanks to the various auger diameters available it can be used with great flexibility. We deliver a complete set consisting of drilling unit, 100 mm auger, 200 mm auger, 400 mm auger extension, a measuring container, a backup toolkit, and a German instruction manual. The augers have a length of 1000 mm and can be extended to 1400 mm using the extension.

As an option, we can also deliver augers with the diameters 80, 150, 250 and 300 mm. These augers also have a length of 1000 mm and cost an additional 55.00 EUR each.

The Jansen EBG-100 earth drilling unit is driven by a powerful 52 ccm petrol engine; this ensures you are completely independent from the power grid and can even work in remote places.

Thanks to its light weight of a mere 8.6 kg, this drilling unit is very handy and even longer drilling projects can be completed without becoming a chore.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: Petrol engine 52 ccm, 2 stroke
  • Fuel type: 2 stroke mix 1:40
  • Weight engine unit: 8.6 kg
  • Power 2.2 Kw, 3 HP
  • Variable rotational speed up to 170 rpm
  • Finished according to ISO9001:2000
  • 100 mm auger included as part of delivery (1000 mm long)
  • 200 mm auger included as part of delivery (1000 mm long)
  • 400 auger extension included as part of delivery
  • Tool kit included as part of delivery
  • incl. German instruction manual and exploded view







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