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Stump Grinder 13HP - root cutter


Colour: red
Condition: New
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Stump cutters Jansen BSF-13 with 13 hp petrol engine

This stump grinder is very mobile because its width is 750 mm. For the machine to fit through almost any door. The 12 extra hardened tungsten carbide cutting blades are extremely durable and can be replaced individually.
This is the original root stump grinder BSF-13 from Jansen. We point out, as in the past, cheap imitations have appeared on the European market again and again, which, under our name or under similar names (BSF-15, etc.) were offered Often they are here to completely different machines with different thicknesses, including working principle, smaller milling heads, etc .
We have had the stump grinder with over 100 hours in test mode and even after this operating period had to be replaced no blade; even the drive belt was technically and optically still perfect.
The unit has 4 convenient carrying rods; so you need not necessarily ramps to load the stump grinder.
The cutting range depends on the approach angle between stump and machine and goes up to 300 mm into the ground.
The milling width is 55 mm. The cutter has a safety switch (deadman's handle) and a force acting on a wheel brake. Thus, the device can be determined unilaterally and the fulcrum these can then be moved back and forth for milling the tree root.
The 13 hp engine is easy to start by cable and has an automatic low oil cut. The power is optimally matched to the size and the cutting of roots blower.
The unit is delivered well packed in a wooden crate. For the initial installation, you should plan on about 30 minutes. . For commissioning, you still need petrol and motor oil (about 1 liter 10W40 or 15W140).
For spare parts supply. We usually have all parts in stock.   1 year Warrenty 
Technical data:
4-stroke OHV engine, 390 cc, 13 hp
Speed: 2100 r / min.
Total weight (dry) 104 kg
regular gasoline
Fuel tank capacity: 6 liters
Consumption: about 1.2 - 1.5 l / h.
Dimensions: 152x75x112 cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions Packing: 109x81x74 cm
Package weight: 125 kg


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