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PTO Verge Mower/ Topper AGF-180 JANSEN


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Verge mower AGF-180

 The Jansen AGF-180 has a safety feature which activates upon contact with obstacles, such as Stones and wood, etc. and makes the mower lift to the side and upward swing in order to minimize the risk of major damage.
Our mower AGF-180 has a cutting width of 178 cm and is driven by the PTO included. It can be moved to the left and right and you can bend it (up 90 and down 55 °). For these functions, you need 2 hydraulic control circuits on your tractor / tractor because the deck of this 2 double acting hydraulic cylinder has.
The cutting height can be adjusted via the side-mounted skids. 16, specially hardened, 1.2 kg heavy hammer blade which are arranged in four rows about the drive shaft, crushing the cuttings to a minimum. Also very tall grass, bushy or straw-clippings are no problem for this mower!
In addition, the AGF-180 has a very heavy rear roller and a freewheel gear.
Oscillating, galvanized slats on the front of the mower prevent the escape of stones etc.
The mower is hung in the three-point hitch of your tractor (from Cat. II, with a slight adjustment and Cat. I).
The 20 specially hardened, 1.2 kg hammer blades, which are arranged on a double spiral drive shaft, shred clippings to a minimum size. Even very high grass, bushy or straw-like clippings are no problem for this mower!
Your tractor should have at least 60 hp.
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Technical Specifications:
Cutting width: 1800 mm
Weight: 560 kg
Tilt angle: + 90 ° to -55 °
Messerart: 1,2 kg hammers
PTO: supplied
U / min .: 540
Packing dimensions: 225x96x82 cm (LxWxH)
Wall Thickness: 7 mm (5 mm plates inside)
Recording: Three-point hitch cat-I.
Drive: 3 piece timing belt 17X1300LI
Tug: min. 60 hp
The packaging consists of a sturdy wooden box. The gear box is dry and before setup fill with oil (80W90, about 1 liter) is required
Delviery approx 5 working days with DB SHENKER with a tail lift. 


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