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Mini excavators Jansen MB-300, 9 hp petrol engine

Mini excavators Jansen MB-300, 9 hp petrol engine


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Our Jansen MB-300 Mini Excavator (walking excavator) is a very robust and easy-held implement with which to get even in otherwise inaccessible places. It is equipped with a 9 HP gasoline engine which drives the hydraulic pump. A separate drive does not have the device; However, you can move, by pushing in or pulling with the blade of the site.
We supply the mini excavator MB-300 with a cruise control. There are, as can be seen in the pictures, 2-pad lever installed. The assignment of the functions can be determined by appropriate connecting the hydraulic lines themselves. , Easy Euro controls !
The lateral pivot area includes a radius of 130 degrees.
In order to bring the unit into transport position, wheels and support are removed from the front to the back.
Included is a 25 cm wide blade. We deliver optional blades 35 and 60 cm wide.
Due to the simple and minimalist design, this excavator machine is also relatively well adaptable to a wide variety of digs; for example, one or the other client has already mounted a three point weld around the excavator in the three-point hitch to his tractor.
In July 2012, the magazine has tested our Quad World excavator and a report published. Click here to read the report!
Technical Specifications:
4-stroke OHV engine, 9 HP
Fuel: regular gasoline
Starter: Recoil starter
Weight: about 466 kg without liquids
Shipping Weight: about 550 kg
Tilting angle: 130 degrees
Grave Depth: 2.10 m
Range: 2.45 m
Abkipphöhe: 1.45 m
Contain 25 cm blade included
incl. towbar hitch
Wheels and supports interchangeable Transport
4 double-acting hydraulic cylinder
Cross control (control 2 crosses)
Dimensions 225x100x85 cm Pack .: (LxWxH)
Engine Oil quantity: 1 l (10W40 or 15W40.)
Oil flow: 14.6 l (HLP 46)
Overall length: 3250 mm
Width of the support: 1970 mm
Width gray main frame: 950 mm
max. Height: 1970 mm
The unit is delivered well packed and disassembled in a wooden crate. For the final assembly should allow for  5 hours. If you need help, we are happy to help. You still need about 14.6 liters of hydraulic oil to fill the device for the first time. Optimal is a hydraulic oil HLP46 the classification which is available everywhere. You will also need about 1 liter of engine oil for the engine. Here we recommend a multigrade oil 10W40 or 15W40 classification.


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