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Tractor auger earth boring drill drill drill tractor PTO


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 Our Jansen Auger TBG-100 (or the Cat. 1. 2) to the 3-point hitch of your tractor, tractor, farm tractor, etc. grown. The PTO speed has 540 r / min. respectively.

The augers are manufactured to our specifications and are subject to strict quality control. We have sold  these devices for several years with great success and they have been used successfully hundreds of times over. Unlike many "Cheap drills" do our rigs due to their sturdy construction and reliable performance on tractors with great your service. Our drills have a specially reinforced gearbox. Often the earth augers, they are all very similar, but a closer look reveals significant quality and stability differences can be seen.
You can grow the tractor to drill suspensions of category 1 or 2. He has a security system so that gear, shaft and tractor can not be damaged. Your tractor should have a minimum capacity of 15 hp.
Also included is an adjustable PTO / PTO shaft with protective cover. The drill pictured is not included and must be ordered separately. When ordering tractor and drill drills at no extra shipping costs for the drill.
The drills always have a length of 1.25 m and are available in the following diameters: 150 mm (£99.00 ), 225 mm (£129.00), 300 mm (£149.00) and 350 mm (£169, 00).
The drill bits are basically screwed off our drills and can be easily replaced. The same applies to the knife blade.
Our tractor rigs are universal and find your application mostly in gardening and landscaping, when building fences in agriculture and forestry, the creation of drainage systems or for the creation of planting holes. The operating range of the device is very large.
 spare parts supply. We always have any part in stock.please email 
Technical Specifications:
PTO speed: 540 r / min.
Power tractor: min. 15 hp
Weight: 70 kg
specially reinforced gear
Gear ratio 1: 3
4 drill sizes
Mounting on 3-point suspension Kat.1 or Cat. 2
very robust design
The transmission of the power drill must be filled before commissioning still with 1.9 liters of oil. A manual is included. The drills are not included!


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