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Jansen RD-200, mini dumper, dump trucks, with tracks


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Jansen RD-200 with hydraulic dump with tracks

The Jansen RD-200 features a 9 hp petrol engine, which is started with a pull starter.

The dumper is self-propelled and the trough can be tilted. For this purpose, a hydraulic unit and a hydraulic cylinder has been installed on the machine. This function sets our site dumpers from the competition! The raising and lowering operation takes place within a few seconds. The tray has a size of 1000x670x445 mm.

There are many competing offers with very similar looking machines. Compare these deals in detail with our RD 200th We provide an amplified version of the machine with a likewise reinforced hollow (wall thickness 3 mm). Unlike many other offerings the cavity on the discharge is straight and tapered at our RD-200 - which facilitates the dumping of bulk enormous. With tapered recesses the bulk material wedged during the tipping very quickly.

Through his chain drive this Dumper is suitable for particularly difficult terrain. Also gradients can be handled easily.

You can payload capacity of up 500 kilograms; This is an overview of the load and performance:
Flat terrain: payload up to 500 kg
17% and 10 degree slope: up to 450 kg
30% and 17 degree incline: to 375 kg

The engine has a very good light-off (at low temperatures) and can be started by pull starter.

The Tracked has 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The maximum speed is 6 km / h.

The machine is ideal for transporting sand, earth, gravel, stones, etc.

Spare parts no problem always in stock.

Technical Specifications:

4-stroke OHV engine, 9 hp, 6.6 kW
Starter: Recoil starter
Speed: max 6 km / h
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 liters
Loading capacity: max. 500 kg at 30% incline even 375 kg
Total Weight (dry): 250 kg
Regular gasoline
Dimensions: 1900x720x1380 mm (LxWxH, dump above)
Dimensions Breech: 1000x670x445 mm
Drive trough: hydraulic

2 year parts only warranty, you send us the photo of damaged part , we access and post you out the replacement part and you make the repair.


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