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Crossfer 13 ton , 9hp. 1040 cm vertical log splitter


Colour: Red
Condition: New
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Crossfer13 ton log splitter with 9 HP petrol engine for professional continuous use

The log splitter HSP13T-GAS / NT19 is equipped with a rapid traverse and a powerful 9PS motor. The stable all-steel construction stands for quality and longevity! Furthermore, the splitter has a stepless return stop! With this you can adjust the cylinder return precisely to the length of the gap. Thanks to the rapid traverse, the forward speed of the cylinder can be significantly increased. Especially at different lengths of splitter this is very beneficial. Even if you use the full gap length of about 104 cm, the rapid traverse can be used after the wood is partially split. The splitter in the split gear strong 13 ton nip pressure. By simply switching the two control levers you can choose between overdrive with low nip pressure and full power gap.

Further highlights:
- Robust, powerful device for continuous use
- Petrol engine 9PS 6,62kW
- With oil monitor. In case of lack of engine oil, the engine does not start!
- Thanks choke and throttle very easy to start
- Low-vibration mounting of the engine by means of rubber dampers
- Robust, powerful device for continuous use
- Thanks to the handles and the large wheels, the device can be easily rolled to the place of use
- Two-hand safety operation
- The built-in safety concept keeps hands away from the danger zone during operation!

- For transport or storage, the splitter can save space to a height of about 185cm retract.

- Log splitter with petrol engine HSP13T-G9.0 / NT19
- Filler filled with hydraulic oil
- Operating instructions log splitter
- Operating instructions engine

To operate you additionally need:
- For the petrol engine engine oil 5W-30
- For the gasoline engine regular gasoline



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