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Crossfer Log Splitter 13 ton , 9.5 hp petrol motor

Crossfer Log Splitter 13 ton , 9.5 hp petrol motor


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Extremely powerful 13 ton wood splitter with 9 hp petrol engine for professional use
Due to the triple-adjustable chute table and the stand as an additional working platform, the splitter can be used  for different wood lengths.

maximum length of wood

Distance from the bottom

table top

about 55 cm

about 75 cm

table center

about 78 cm

about 56 cm

Table below 98 cm 35 cm

Stand about 130 cm 4 cm




Wood splitter Crossfer GmbH

Maximum force 13 tons

Ø master recording / maximum length approx 60cmØ / 55 cm / 78 cm / 98 cm / 130 cm

Master record manufacturer recommendation Ø 40 cm x 130 cm

Hub 50 cm

Speed ​​work running about 5.0 cm / sec *

Speed ​​reverse 13 cm / sec *

Approximately 7.5 liters of hydraulic oil HLP 46

Hydraulic oil pressure 20 Mpa

Dimensions 56 cm W x 86 cm D x 110 to 162 cm H

Weight 165 kg

Shipping dimensions 560 mm W x 1000 mm D x 1045 mm H 203kg

All dimensions are + - 2%


Gasoline engine cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled

Power 6.62 kW / 9PS / 2.500U/min

280ccm displacement

78mm bore

Torque 18.0Nm at 2.500U/min

stroke 58mm

Noise level 88.1 dBA at idle

Noise level 93.0 dBA at full load

Oil capacity 0.55 liter

Recommended lubricating oil Synthetic oil 5W-30

Technique 1 cylinder 4 stroke

Fuel / premium gasoline / 6.5 liters

Specifications are subject to change at any time


Warranty is with the factory for a period of 1 year, please note the factory "Crossfer" will collect the item that is faulty and repair this or replace this at there expense and the item will be then returned with a guaranteed repair by Crossfer at no expense to you as the customer!



Technical changes reserved

shipping information

Please note that quoted shipping costs include not only the pure transport costs, but also the cost of packaging material, pallets, additional services of freight forwarding (Telephoned), etc. included

Whether for the cozy fireplace in the evening or for heating your home - the natural resource wood has become once again a important source of fuel which atributes natural and economical source of heating.
First, however, to have a log splitter this will educe all those wasted hours chopping logs , the log splitter is easy to use and will save much time.

The company "CROSSFER " has been dealing for decades with the theme of wood processing and has developed a range of practical products all German made. The requirements and standards are very high on our products. Safety, quality and ease of use are always in the foreground.

We constantly strive for further development and steady progress, even with our woodsplitters, which should provide in the future even more. Thicker and longer stems to be processed faster.

With the LS-8T within a short time, you split logs with a length of up to 105 cm.
The newly developed log splitter can be operated from a standing start in a comfortable working height.

You can also adjust the amount of wood playing surface and adjust to the different stem lengths.
Thanks to the practical response to prevent a scaling back of stop until the end of the columns of shorter pieces.

In the bottom of the column is a convenient tool tray is integrated.

In addition, the new wood splitter is easy to move from site to site ,and the practical handle is easy to transport.

The hsp 10 ton -wood splitter offers proven realibility and a
high time saving in the processing of wood, an excellent tool for home or business or if you are starting a fire wood supply business.

Split wood like a pro - fast and easy





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