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Jansen SMR-120 Mower, with 16 HP Motor for ATV Quad ,PTO


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 Our ATV  mower Jansen SMR-120 They are very flexible. Thanks to the built-up Petrol engine with a  output of 16 hp They are independent with this mower, whether you prefer the one with Quad / ATV, a lawn tractor, Crop or even  tow with a car.
The deck is connected via a standard ball hitch to the towing vehicle.
The cutting height can be easily adjusted. The four-stroke petrol engine drives the mower via a V-belt.
The engine can be easily started by an electric starter; the 12 volt battery is included.
The 3 installed blades cut the grass very uniform over a width of about 115 cm. The SMR-120 interface picture is very clean and evenly. Thanks to the large, sturdy pneumatic tires, the mower can be moved easily even on very uneven surfaces.
We not only have self-developed this device, but this offer is also a competent service (master workshop) and the supply of spare parts to.  We always have any part in stock.
4-stroke engine, 452 cc, 11.8 kW, 16 hp  ( loncin Motor)  copy of the Honda 330 GX
12 Volt - Starter
Drive about 1 V-belt
Total weight (dry): 183 kg
Normal petrol
Fuel tank capacity: approximately 13 liters
Consumption: approximately 2.0 l / h.
Cutting width: 1168 mm
Knife type: Sichelmesser
Number of blades: 3
Cutting height: 25-250 mm
max.speed: 8-10 km / h
max. Tensile speed: 15 km / h
Bulk packing: 128x112x71 cm (LxWxH)
Packaged Weight: 216

warrenty 12 months for commercial use, home use 24 months , spare parts no problem 

2 year parts only warranty, you send us the photo of damaged part , we access and post you out the replacement part and you make the repair.

The belt size of the SMR-120 is:

B-28 and SPB2180LW


Need Help?
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19 May 2017
The belts for the SMR120 can be purchased at any spares shop or belts online supplier the 2 belts for SMR-120 SPB-2180LW and B-28

Jonathan Pope
22 March 2017
Highly recommended and very tough. The baseplate is 8mm steel. The instructions call for blade cleaning every so often. It is hard to reach the blades due to the weight and you cannot tip it back to the vertical with petrol in the tank. It is fairly hard to set the baseplate to the horizontal as the options on towbar height adjustment at the front are a bit limited. The rear suspension height is easily adjusted.

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