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Wood gasification boiler  EG-HOLZ company  a boiler that uses the principle of the dry distillation of wood pyrolysis. When burning at a high temperature and limited to air, the wood gas is formed which is then directed to the lower part of the boiler, the ceramic burner nozzle. With this solution is fully utilized energy contained in the fuel, which is dry, seasoned wood. The boiler EG-HOLZ was created according to the latest trends and technology: The device has a very high loading compartment with a capacity of 220 liters, which allows burning of wood with a length of szczapów 50cm. With such a large loading chamber - the largest in the market with the boiler output - the frequency of subsequent reloads is extended in time, which translates to a large extent on the freedom from maintenance of the boiler and customer comfort. Operating time of the boiler at full load is a maximum of up to 72 hours. In the boiler HOLZ is fitted as standard modern exchanger cleaning system. This mechanism allows convenient cleaning of the surface heat exchanger from the outside. Boiler operation is optimized by an exhaust fan fitted as standard. The advantage is that the boiler can be operated without problems a cold chimney. Variable speed fan to control the combustion process and output matching to the needs of the building. Warranty: 5 years * on the tightness of welded joints exchanger and 2 years for electronics *, provided you first start the installation company Advantages: - energy-saving - environmentally friendly - easy to use - burner made ​​of cast iron - an innovative cleaning system - long working hours


Thermal power 25 kW
Mass 500 kg
Water Capacity 120 l
Cross-section of the flue 150 mm
Width 730 mm
Height 1540 mm
Depth 1200 mm
Thermal efficiency 90 %
Required chimney draft 20 Pa






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