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Jansen TBF-180, tractor tiller rear tiller tiller, 180cm

Jansen TBF-180, tractor tiller rear tiller tiller, 180cm


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 Whether for agriculture, agricultural work, vineyards, nurseries, orchards or horticulture - the tractor tiller Jansen TBF-180 is ideally suited for tillage of any kind. The tiller has a specially reinforced bevel gear and is characterized by its particularly rugged construction. We offer here a galvanized model!

The working width is 180 cm and the cutting depth is a maximum of 20 cm. These can be set via the lateral skids. The tiller is driven by the PTO supplied and in the three-point hitch of your tractor hung (Cat. II).
Your tractor should have at least 40 hp.
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Technical Specifications:
Width: 200 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Cutting width: 180 cm
Knives: 48 Pieces
Weight: 425 kg
PTO: included
U / min .: 540
Drive: gear transmission
Packing: steel frame
Pkg. Dimension: 200x80x80 cm (L x W x H)
Recording: Three-point linkage cat II.
Tractors: min. 40 hp
The tiller is delivered in a sturdy steel frame. The gear is dry and before setup with oil (80W90, about 1 liter) are filled.


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