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Lemet 50lt unvented water heater tank


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 This is for a LEMET 50 lt hot water tanks (44cm x 50 cm tall) can bolt onto wall or sit on a stand. Hot water will be the same pressure as existing cold water pressure."vertical"

1500 kWh

Why unvented?  

 • No tanks in the loft
Site anywhere in the property
Mains pressure hot water
 • Power shower 
without a pump
 • Can fill a standard bath in only a 
few minutes
 • Familiar to 
UK installers
WRAS EU CERT, approved. 
Lightweight and long life

What size do I need ?
Direct (electric) Size
One Shower 80    
Single bath - 2 bedroom 100    
Single bath - 3 bedroom 150    
Single bath and shower 150    
Twin bath 200    
Twin bath and shower 200    
Three bath 2x150



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