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Boiler for pellets EG-Pellet Mini 45 kW


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 EG-Pellet Mini is an automatic pellet heating device. Exchanger cleaning system is activated by lever which is mounted on the front of the boiler. Boiler is also equipped with a cast-iron/ceramic grate which can be used to combust log wood, waste wood and paper. 

5 years for tightness of exchanger and welded joints
2 years for electronic parts

- High efficiency > 90%
- built-in exchanger cleaning system 
- Modern design 
- Additional grate for burning wood, waste wood and paper 
- The possibility of placing a burner on the right or left side of the boiler 
- Working in wide range of output power

Power output

10,5-40 kW


450 kg


> 90 %

Water capacity

155 L


1757 mm


1030 mm


840 mm

Max working pressure

3.5 bar

Silo volume

300 dm³

Required chimney draught

20-30 Pa

Min. chimney height

9 m

Min. chimney diameter

250 mm

Power supply

230V / 50Hz

Max. estimated heating surface

600 m²

Threaded connections size 6/4 inch
Boiler class according to EN 303-5:2012 5


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