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Jansen HS-20DS63, 20 ton, 63 cm, 6.5hp Kohler petrol motor Log Splitter


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The Jansen HS 20DS63 double splitter is specially produced according to our specifications and is a small revolution among the log splitters. Because this machine splits in both directions (both pre- and in return!) And you therefore working twice as fast! There is no "empty" return more and also the fuel consumption is far more effective! He has real 20 tons splitting pressure in the flow (17 tonnes in return) and a very robust Kohler 6.5 hp gasoline engine.


The nip pressure is measured at our log splitters directly on Cleaver, so that this information also corresponds to the actual abutting nip pressure. 

Through his lying design has the wood always at working height. The hydraulics are very quick. A complete flow takes only 7 seconds. The current color design is hammertone gray / black; if necessary, refer to the Internet even video with an old style. Of course you will get only the latest version of the device.


This splitter is guaranteed to split any piece of wood. The length of the gap piece may be up to 62 cm. The splitter is very simple to use. The engine is very easy to start using recoil starter and jumps very well in freezing temperatures on. Using towbar and hitch may be drawn to the site, the device easy. A road authority to operate behind a car does not have the device. The use behind an agricultural or forestry tractor would (B road use only farms not for motor way towing .) Open admission and therefore legal. You can also transport on a conventional trailer the device but also due to the small total width of 102 cm.


We provide you with the splitter with the mounted riving knife free with even a splitting wedge. This splitting wedge can be easily pushed over the wedge. The length of the splitting knife is approximately 20 cm, height 15 cm.



The Jansen HS 20DS63 is delivered with a high-quality Kohler engine.





Kohler Engines

Since 1873, builds of the American manufacturer Kohler innovative motors, which are characterized by excellent design and craftsmanship excellent production worldwide. Besides Honda and B & S Kohler is one of the leading brands when it comes to the placement of small engines on garden and landscape equipment and lawnmowers. Leading manufacturers such as John Deere, MTD, Stiga, Toro and many others use these high-quality motors. Kohler builds not only gasoline engines - now also part of the innovative Italian diesel engine manufacturer Lombardini for Kohler Group.




Technical specifications:

4-stroke engine the brand Kohler OHV, 6.5 hp, 4.8 kW

Fuel: regular gasoline

Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 liters

Consumption: approximately 1.0 to 1.2 l / h.

Starter: Recoil starter

Weight: approx 209 kg without liquids

Train speed: max. 45 km / h

max. Gap length: 62 cm

Cylinder speed for a route: about 7 sec.

Nip pressure: 20/17 tonnes (measured value)

Riving knife, length about 20 cm (included)

Dimensions Verp .: 120x80x55 cm (LxWxH)

Engine oil capacity: 1 liter (10W40 or 15W40.)

Hydraulic oil Quantity: approx 10 liters (HLP46)

Hydraulic pump: 2 stages

Capacity hydraulic: 18.2 l / minute

Hydraulic pressure: 240 bar

Tires: 10 inches

Dimensions: 228x102x100 cm (LxWxH)

Height timber contact surface: 65 cm





The unit is delivered well packed and disassembled in a wooden crate. For the final assembly should be planned by you about 1-2 hours. The delivery is a German manual. The assembly is relatively simple and can be performed even by laymen. Nevertheless, if assistance is required, we are happy to help. You still need about 10 liters of hydraulic oil to the machine to fill the first time. Optimal is a hydraulic oil HLP46 the classification which is available everywhere. You will also need about 1 liter of engine oil for the engine. Here we recommend a multigrade oil 10W40 or 15W40 classification.


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Mark Smith
22 June 2018
I am writing to to to express my gratitude on one of your products. In 2013 I set up my tree surgery and firewood business in the Highlands of Scotland. As you can imagine a new business is hard to get off the ground. The firewood has always been a key part of my business and was always done by chainsaw and axe. In Oct 2016 a friend lent me the money to buy a log splitter. After many hours of watching reviews and looking around we came to your log splitter and we chose it as it was the only video review of people using it with what I call real wood all big knots and different sizes. We bought it from the Woodman Store in the Uk and your dealer service was nothing short of excellent. I quickly managed to get a head with the firewood and repaid my friend back. I know it’s not the best machine for commercial firewood but, some times you have to make the best of what you have. I would happily recommend it to anyone wishing to buy and more than happily show them it working. For nearly the last 2 years I have really giving this machine some abuse and it has not come across anything it won’t split down to a size for burning. This machine alone has helped my business grow. I have put hundreds of tonnes of wood through it and it still goes strong. It’s easy to maintain as well. This machine although small is mighty and is at the minute,the beating heart of my operation. Thank you very much for this log splitter and your great service. As soon as I get more secure and in my feet I will in the future look to Jansen to see what other products can take us further

David Hart
15 October 2017
Just received this Friday tried it on Saturday.very impressed should have bought one years ago.

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