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Crossfer HLS 8 Ton, 6.5 hp petrol motor  Verical 127cm Log Splitter

Crossfer HLS 8 Ton, 6.5 hp petrol motor Verical 127cm Log Splitter


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HSP8T Petrol vertical  8 tons 127 cm -long wood splitter of CROSSFER GmbH

Highly variable by 4 selectable working heights:
Through these options to adapt the device to the length of your gap good.
4 variable wood size settings
Maximum length of wood
Distance from the bottom
Table Level 1
53 cm
81 cm
Table Level 2
75 cm
59 cm
Table Level 3 97 cm 37 cm
127 cm
7 cm
Technical specifications:
Gasoline Engine LIFAN 168F-2 single-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled
Power 4,8kW / 6,5PS / 3.600U / min
Displacement 196ccm
Bore 68mm
Torque 11.0Nm at 3000U / min
Stroke 54mm
Oil quantity approx 0.55 liters
Recommended lubricating oil Synthetic oil 5W-30
Technology 1 cylinder 4 stroke
Fuel / Fuel tank capacity premium gasoline / 4 liters
Log splitter HSP8T petrol / MO13 CROSSFER GmbH
Maximum power 8 tons
Maximum master recording 127 cm length x 32 cm in diameter and more
Wood length 53 cm / 75 cm / 97 cm / 127 cm
Hub 47.5 cm
Speed ​​work running 4.9 cm / sec.
Speed ​​rewind 22.3 cm / sec.
Hydraulic oil 4.0 liter
Hydraulic oil pressure 17.8 Mpa
Noise Emission: Idle 88.1 dbA
Noise Emission Full Load 93.0 dbA
Dimensions 400 mm W x 845 mm D x H mm 1055-1535
Weight 115 kg
Shipping Dimensions 585mm x 435mm D x 1070mm B H 121kg
All dimensions + - 5%
Subject to technical modifications at any time
Other highlights
► Engine LIFAN 168F-2
► With oil guards. For lack of engine oil, the engine will not start!
► Thanks to choke and throttle control very easy starting
► Low-vibration support of the engine via rubber dampers
► Robust, powerful device for continuous use
► Thanks to the handles and the large wheels are the instrument can be rolled well to the site
► Two-hand safety operation
► The built-in safety concept holding hands during the operation of the danger zone away!
► To transport or for storage easy access can be achieved.
Scope of supply:
► Wood splitters HSP8T-GAS / MO13
► splitters filled with hydraulic oil
► Operating Instructions Wood Splitters
► user manual engine
► Spark plug wrench
To operate, you also need:
► For the petrol engine motor oil 5W-30
► For the petrol engine regular gasoline


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