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Crossfer HLS 8 Ton, 400v  Verical 127cm Log Splitter

Crossfer HLS 8 Ton, 400v Verical 127cm Log Splitter


Colour: red
Condition: New
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 Very powerful 8 tons wood splitter for professional operation

The quick clamping device of the table is rapidly brought to one of the three working heights.
This allows you adjust the stroke of the riving knife to the length of your timber on (54 cm / 78 cm / 104 cm or).
Loss of time and energy wasted by long idle motions omitted!
Furthermore, can of course also the free travel of the splitting wedge upward infinitely, mechanically block, it also saves time and energy!
Other highlights:
► Robust, powerful device for continuous use
► Thanks to the handles and the large wheels are the instrument can be rolled well to the site
► Two-hand safety operation
► The built-in safety concept holding hands during the operation of the danger zone away!
► To transport or for storage can be the Cleaver enter space.
► sold thousands of times and its worth
Scope of supply:
► Wood splitters LS8T-400V
► filled with oil
Technical specifications:
Electric motor 400V (380V) V / 50 Hz / 3500 Watt
Maximum power 8 tons
Master recording maximum Ø 60 cm
Master Recording Manufacturer Recommendation 104 cm length x 32 cm Ø
Timber lengths up to 54 cm / 78 cm / 104 cm
Hub 45 cm
Speed work running 5.4 cm / sec.
Speed rewind 11.7 cm / sec.
Hydraulic oil 4.0 liter
Hydraulic oil pressure 20.4 Mpa
Noise Emission: Idle 80.1 dbA
Noise Emission Full Load 92.5 dbA
Dimensions 930 mm W x 830 mm D x 1470 mm H
Weight 115 kg
* All dimensions are + - 5%
Shipping Dimensions 585mm x 435mm D x 1070mm B H 120kg
Subject to technical modifications at any time


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