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BKS400-230V / NT19 Saw saw with 400mm carbide blade motor 230V 2.2kW


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A new top product from Crossfer GmbH

The professional entry into firewood processing CROSSFER firewood saw BKS400-230V / NT19 

Robust, compact 400 mm firewood saw. An indispensable aid for firewood preparation

How a seesaw / firewood saw works: 
The sawed material, usually logs or thick branches or even beams and planks, are placed on the rocking table and pressed against the saw blade. Since the blade guard is only pushed backwards by this, a very safe and fast sawing of the firewood is possible. Due to the adjustable stop, the wood is cut to a standard, consistent measure. The also integrated and adjustable table extension allows the processing of long sawdust.

Our highlights:

  • High ease of use with the greatest possible safety
  • New security concept according to the current guidelines
  • Very robust and powerful 230 Volt 2200 Watt motor
  • Sturdy and large rocker table
  • Carbide saw blade included!
  • Table extension for very long clippings. Stepless extension up to +62 cm
  • Crosscut for uniform wood lengths from 8 to 55 cm


comes with UK plug coversion jack.

Further highlights:

  • Safe working, since the saw blade is completely covered when idling
  • Economical in power consumption
  • Also other 400mm saw blades with 30er bore can be used
  • Little installation effort


  • Rocker Saw BKS400-230V as a kit
  • incl. 1 piece carbide saw blade 400mm
  • Operating instructions in German
  • For an additional charge, we deliver the device fully assembled. Please ask!

To operate you additionally need: 

A 230V connection cable with protective contact 

We can offer you very useful accessories for this device! 

Please note the pictures!

If in stock, you will find these items in our shop. Suitable for this device is the: 
- SB-CV400 400mm 30mm bore. Scaled CV saw blade 
- SB-HMCH400 400mm 30mm bore. Carbide HM Saw 
Blade - SB-HMD400 400mm 30mm bore. High Performance 
Carbide Saw Blade - SB-NF400 400mm 30mm Bore. Nail proof HM Saw Blade 

A quality product of the company

Log Saw model BKS400-230V
electric motor 230-240V / 50Hz / 2200W IP54 S2 15min.
master recording 30 - 140 mm Ø
Saw blade diameter 400 mm Ø
RPM 2800U / min
Saw blade holder 30 mm Ø
Dimensions width x height x depth 950 mm x 1090 mm x 790 to 940 (seesaw table)
mass 38kg
Shipping dimensions width x height x depth about 1060 x 845 x 270 mm 41kg


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