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Tiller , Motorised device carrier Jansen MGT-270

Tiller , Motorised device carrier Jansen MGT-270


Condition: New
Price: £ 1122.99
Shipping Cost: £ 90.00
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The Jansen MGT-270 motorised device carrier can be used universally with a variety of attachments. This machine is suited to the private consumer, who would like to work on his garden, but is just as well suited to commercial uses in horticulture and landscaping.

The steering bar with the operating elements can be rotated 180 degrees, so that the device can be mounted front or back-on, according to the build type.

The single axle carrier has 4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears (and reversed - according to the position of the steering bar). A differential lock can also be optionally enabled. You can find the various, optional attachments available for purchase in our product range.

Compare our products with competing products! You won’t find it easy to find something comparable. We didn’t only develop these devices ourselves, but also offer competent service (master technicians workshop) and spare parts. Generally speaking, we have every part in stock. In the event of questions or problems we are also only a phone call away do help you personally. With us you speak with knowledgeable staff and not with “call-centre agents”!

We have all of our products assembled and ready for operation in our exhibition halls. We would love for you to come by to test them!

Technical specifications:
  • Drive: Petrol engine
  • Gears: 4 forward and 3 reverse
  • Transmission: Chain
  • Differential lock: yes (can be disabled)
  • Tank capacity: 5 L
  • Device drive: Power takeoff (P.T.O) - can be disabled
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Dimensions: 140x63x115 cm (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions of packaging: 95x65x77 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight (dry): 100 kg

Price includes vat at 20% , delivery between 4 to 7 days on a euro pallet. 



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