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Log conveyor Jansen FB-500 230v or 3 phase


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Please Note we will only send out a 230v single phase conveyor to our UK customers unless you ask for a 400v conveyor in advance.


The 5 metre long conveyor belt is ideally suited for the transportation of split wood, but can also be used universally. Due to the simple but well thought out construction, assembly and disassembly time is incredibly short.

The carriers, made of 3mm thick folded sheet metal, guarantee the corresponding feed rate. The transport belt runs at a speed of 0.8 m/s. The maximum ejection height is just under 2 metres.

The device is delivered well packed in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 30 minutes for initial assembly.

Technical specifications:

  • Engine: Three-phase current, 400V or 230v please specify
  • Power: 370 Watt
  • Length: 5 m
  • Ejection height: max. 1.95 m
  • Belt speed: 0.8 m/s
  • Belt width: 100 mm
  • Belt channel width: 400 mm
  • Carrier height: 27 mm
  • Distance between carriers: 980 mm
  • Diameter pulley: 120mm
  • Diameter wheels: 240 mm
  • Dimensions max.: 500x130x195 cm (LxWxH)
  • Measurements of packaging: 214x67x39 cm (LxWxH)
  • Total weight: 75 kg


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