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Rear digger / Backhoe loader Jansen BHSM-225 incl. 400 mm bucket


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The Jansen BHSM-225 rear digger / backhoe loader is hung to the three point linkage of your tractor and is driven by the P.T.O. (included as part of delivery). It has a hydraulic system so that the power must only be supplied on the tractor side via the P.T.O. The BHSM-225 comes delivered with a 400 mm bucket and can swivel 180 degrees laterally - therefore giving you a substantial radius of action!

Furthermore, the BHSM versions of our diggers can move the arm laterally, so that the radius of action is again increased, compared with that of the normal BHM versions. The BHSM-225 can be moved almost 900 mm laterally. Even the working / excavation of strip foundation directly next to house walls is possible!

Your tractor must have at least 45-60 HP. During operation a support can also be hydraulically set in order to increase stability.

Contrary to many competing models, the Jansen BHSM-225 has a very robust and heavy duty design with a dead weight of 860 kg. The ripping force at the bucket measures 1,700 kg! The digger is operated using a 4-way control system.

We offer the following attachments to our diggers as optional extras

  • 260 mm bucket (£150.00 )
  • 500 mm bucket (£175.00 )
  • 900 mm trench clearing bucket without teeth (£220.00)
  • digger thumb grab (£110.00 ), with which you can lift tree trunks, stones, slabs, etc. with ease.Technical specifications:
  • Total length: 3300 mm
  • Digging depth: 2250 mm
  • Support width: 1440 mm
  • Height: max. 3450 mm
  • Loading height: max. 2300 mm
  • Swivel radius: 180 degrees
  • Lateral movement: approx: 900 mm
  • Opening angle of bucket: 203 degrees
  • Bucket ripping force: 1700 kg
  • Hydraulic pressure: 160 bar
  • Rpm: 540
  • Flow rate: 40 L/min.
  • Net weight: 860 kg


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